It’s in us!

You know what is that most difficult thing on this earth to do? – It is to believing in yourself. And, it even more harder when you are slapped with uncountable and barrage of failures in your life. Our one success stands on the heap of failures, misfortunes, uncountable tries. That’s why I guess our success if more solid and cemented with strong base which rarely vacillates once it is set.

There are number of saying, dictums and proverbs which we often link it to somebody more profound, somebody who have done something for the society and is being well renowned even after they are physically absent from earth. One such saying is, “Every human beings is artist when they are born. The mistake is they don’t realize it when they are grown up”. Similarly, there is another one, which says, “Everything is possible for a small child because they don’t have fear. But, it becomes impossible because those child are filled with fears once they are grown up.”

Finally, whatever it is, the most important thing and knowledge to carry home is, we all are gifted. There is nothing on this earth which is useless, so how we can be. The only thing we have to do is to find what is that we are being made for – the real purpose of us being a being – human being. There must be a reason for an existing thing. We have a purpose, you have a purpose – everyone of us have a purpose. Might be not for the same reason, but there is something or there might be something.

We are the part of the system (earth), and for the system to work efficiently every part must work on with a good efficiency.

When we have a problem, everything goes blank. And, the only thing we see on this earth existing is just us – ourself. Rest is all nonentity for us. Or even if we realize that there are things existing, we find that they are better than us. I have often heard my dad saying, “There are three things people find it more: his own knowledge and wisdom (because every body thinks that they can think better than others, or what they are doing is perfect and no one can be more perfect then him/her, or they find their idea more alluring and more profound them others), similarly, they find other wealth more than themselves, and other’s happiness (they think that they are the one who is suffering the most), and rest all have a rosy-life.

There are hundreds of things we have come across or might come across in our life, and we might fail in most of the situation. Because, we all are special in one thing, so basically, we can’t expect everything or even most of the things to work for us or we might not expect to be successful in most of those things. We have to figure out what we are good into and start working on it.

In most instances while I am walking on my way to college or work, I see hundreds of people from all walks of life: some walking in nice suit and boots, some walking in nice car with their AC  turned on and I also see the public transport drivers or some vendors on the street. Sometime I envy them, honestly thinking that they are more happy than me, they have a serene mind and a error-free life where they don’t have to worry for anything – at least they can work whole day which doesn’t need any mental tribulation to suffer from – their work is easier than mine and by the end of the day they can go to bed without having to worry for whatsoever for the next time.

I feel like their life is fixed and it is not as vacillating as mine, they are more stable in everyway, though they might not be earning a think money, but their mind is calmer than mine. They do not have to worry for the project, they do not have to prepare for the exams every now and then, they do not have to worry for proving themselves to be right in case if they slip into some mistakes or error, and also don’t have to worry if they bungle their work – because, their work-errors can be fixed easily than mine.

What would you do with a life when your mind is still awake even while you are sleeping or thing starts popping in and out of your head when you switch your apnea or you are jumping to-and-fro when you are soporific or in your slumber state. What kind of life is it when you have an already ready-made god-powered calendar always active in your mind which keeps on reminding you to do this and that every now and then or even beeps sometimes with nerves breakdown when you fail to meet the demand? What will you do when you body is not supporting but your mind keeps on pushing with a vehement force like “IT HAS TO BE DONE”!?

But, the thing is we are not just the exception. Everybody have these things going on in their mind at some point of time. It’s just the nature and degree that might vary, but no one is immune to it. We all are suffering from the same disease – a disease to be the best, to long for something unprecedented so that you could be the one shining in the crowds of thousands. Knowing or unknowing all these things are going in our mind, but we fail to recognize that we deserve it, because we have generated it by ourself. No one has stacked it upon us, it’s us who want this, because we want to be the best, we want to survive or in some case we want to compete very badly even sometimes without a reason.

Our quality of life is what we choose by ourself or in some case what we are made to choose, circumstantially, even when we don’t want to. So, we have to choose what we are specially made for otherwise life would be tough. But, that is very difficult to figure out in the early stage of life.

What defines the best?

It is quite bewildering and hazy idea to define what is best. Because, the definition of best is something that is momentary and which governs only a specific area – in simple sense, it is comparative thing which can’t stand alone without being compared to something.

What I am trying to say and ask your opinion is that, “How would you define best or in terms of ranking when you have to choose something and have to put it in a order?” This has been a kind of pestering question for me, and I have not been able to judge when it comes to defining what is best. The narrower is our horizon of sight and the lower is our degree of predilection, the the easier it becomes to find the answer.

The thing is, I have been reading English newspaper for quite a long time and I am a big fan of print version rather than the digital version. In fact, I endorse the idea that world should be digitalized, but I prefer to say that, it should not be at the cost of print-version. Those are some antique which can’t be replaced by anything. You can take, for example, the touch keyboard vs. the tactile keyboard. In the IT world, though there has been a boom in the development and marketing of the smartphones with the virtual keyboard, this has not somehow been so successful in the computer world. And, the reason is simple, people do prefer tactile keyboard rather than a virtual keyboard – though, virtual keyboard is more gaudy in appearance.

If you think honestly and impartially, you will find that it is more convenient to read the printed materials rather than the digital version of the papers, eBooks and magazines. The digitalization of the world is just to simplify the world and to make it more arranged. More specifically, we can say that it is easier to carry one notebook or a ipad over few bunch of papers and thick books. It has just made it handy, but its not that comfortable reading onscreen. And, I have found it is kind of more common experience in general public.

The reason why I have come to write about this is because I am fed up of reading online magazine and newspaper. It’s not just that comfortable as reading the printed magazines and newspaper. It’s been more than 3 years now for me in Bangkok, and since I stepped into Thailand I have hardly bought 10 copies of one of those two leading English newspapers (Bangkok Post and The Nation). All forms of English materials are so expensive in Thailand, and it is virtually unaffordable for the students on the daily basis. However, I have bought more than 15-copies of “Time” magazine since then, despite of its whooping price – which is thought to be for the executive levels and the corporate houses.

I am so crazy about English Newspapers, but not magazine. However, magazines works when I am short of options. I am quite a regular reader of these online newspapers: New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, LA Times, The Guardian, Christian Science Monitor, Kantipur Post (from Nepal), and also few news portals such as: BBC, MSNBC, Yahoo News, Aljazeera English, CNN. Out of all these news outlets, one of my favorite is New York Times.   But, I am very much disappointed since it became limited to just 10 articles per month.

I am so addicted to this newspaper now after following for more than 5 years continuously that I can’t even think of changing my mind at this moment to something else and find alternative or replacement to it. However, I am thinking of changing to some good English magazine and newspaper, and at this point I need your opinion.

Now, I have got one simple question to ask you.

Without biasness, which newspaper do you think is the best for you and why? I am talking about the newspaper which covers every aspect of a country, society and the world and might not be concentrated to one general such as politics, entertainment or something like this.

I might be insular in thought, but, for me, I believe that NYTIMES is the best newspaper when it comes to English language for English learners.   

Not a Sinner nor a Saint

As we have been believing in the times eternal that we have been created by the god – one of the most supreme power which can’t be seen, which can’t be dealt, but its existence is for sure. It’s a belief and a feeling which doesn’t needs an explanation that it do exists. This earth is full of things which exists in parallel. It’s just like the air, sound, happiness, coldness, sadness, enviousness, remorse – all kinds of feeling that needs either a sense or a belief that it do exists. God is one of them!

Existence of God has been questioned by the atheist, scientists (who believes in the tangible results), for whom rest of the things are just useless. The creations of earth is in harmonious to each other, the existence of which is unimaginable if one slips over another. The rule of equal and opposite must be maintained to balance the nature and the universe. From the sun and moon and the entire solar system to the galaxies to the biological system of our body and the ecosystem itself – everything is in harmony – everything is balanced.

Think of one thing (which can be whatever comes to your mind), now omit it and then think how would other things which has been or is connected with those things balance itself. There are two possibilities: either the things related, correlated and resting on the support of another one has to be demolished or wipeout of existence or either it has to find an alternative support for the ultimate balance.

The existence of the god can be felt with a deep cogitation, musing of the matter, and finding the differences underlying it. In a simple sense, it can be felt and it is quite obvious that human can live without the human’s creations so far the mankind has been able to garner through its wit, but the existence of the living things on the earth is virtually impossible with the extinction of any one parameters or even the intricacies of the god’s creation.

God is surely omnipresent. It is present in your hearts, in your deeds, in your actions and intentions – it is the supreme power relying in ourself. It is omnipresent because it is in us; wherever we go it follows us as our own shadow – and, our shadow is we ourself and how we govern ourself in doing things. That’s why there is saying, “As you sow, so shall you reap” – again the same universal fact of “Every force has equal and opposite reaction”. Just like our shadow never leaves us, so is our deeds – which never leaves us.

We fight for our religion, our believes and for our god. What we have failed to understand that we all are worshipping the same god –- which is a universal power – a light which can be felt, but it is so powerfully bright that it is impossible to find the core of the power. It is a power which governs us from differentiating good from bad.

No body is sinner nor a saint on this earth. This is just the power which has to be balanced. It needs both good and bad aspects of life, nature and the universe as a whole. Think of situation when there is not even a single sinner – everybody does the same thing, everybody does just good things, no body is against anybody, no body has issue with anybody – everything is perfect. If this is ever to happen, the entropy of the earth will rise so sharply and tremendously that it will surpass all the barriers governing it balance.

It’s a nature, it’s a earth which needs both sinners and the saints in a way, it needs both sun and shadow, its need both the property of attraction and repulsion, it need both the savior and the demolisher, it needs both happiness and sadness (you can’t be happy without being sad, and vice versa), it needs both the fire and the water – all these things are just for balancing the nature and preserving the mankind on the earth.

God is nothing more than a common thing for which we vie – it’s a power which can’t be contained. But, we still try to fight of our religion as if it can be contained. Human beings has not created any forms of power and for that reason all forms of natural power is the god, because it has the power to create and destroy. And, most importantly: Water, Air, Fire, Sun, Soil – these all things have power to support life on earth or just engulf all of the existing things all of a sudden in seconds.

That’s why god is omnipresent and god is great. Respect god and save earth, and for this we need both sinner and the saints because everybody have their duty to fulfill. We all are just helping earth nature to be balanced – so, there is no sinner and the saints – we all are just agents of the god meant to be here to fulfill god’s desire – that is to balance the nature!





Thank you, my dear friend!

Its been almost 28 years now of my life and now finally I find you. It was so great when I first got to know you and the value of your presence in my life. I am so obliged to you the way you have helped me and assisted me in my work in everyway since I got to know you. You are simply great to me!

Even though I knew you in the beginning I didn’t want to come closer to you, for being apprehensive of losing myself, because I always knew that your effect in me might be devastating in nature. I have always been skeptical of things in my life and for that very reason I have missed so much of good things, moments and persons in my life. Being apprehensive and skeptical to some extent is good, but as it is said that, “Excess of anything is bad” – it has applied exactly to me till now in few things – that is being skeptical of things.

Since you came to my life, your presence has truly changed me in everyway and more specifically the my potential to which I can reach. Whenever I had a bad mood, swollen and being skeptical of my own potential and doubting myself, you have helped me to calm down, hold my heart and be patient. You taught me a lesson of having a serene mind and its good effect on us, and our productivity and our gregarious nature and helping us to become even more social.

I can’t discount the fact that you are around me, because you have always been inside me. Once you are in me, I can’t help myself but just to surrender to you. Your presence in me is to grabbing, and I have always felt that no doubt when, where and how. You are just omnipresent for me in a way. I can find you in every nooks and corner of this earth. The only thing I have to care is that I have to miss you once somehow, and want your presence in my life wherever I am – you have always been there and you are always there.

When you are with me, around me or in me, I just feel so good and the world looks so beautiful to me. Everything looks so perfect that I feel that I have been moron of being unkind to somebody or being unfriendly to somebody. Everything and everyone just suddenly start looking so beautiful, kind and like a friend of mine. If you are not around me, I can’t really concentrate in my work, I can’t do things and most of the things start looking so hazy to comprehend and impossible to achieve.

I don’t know and don’t understand, how I have been able to live without you?, or its just that you are my habit now? I know, I will miss you so immensely if ever I have to leave you for some reason. I know it will be very hard for me – either I have to find someone like you or find an alternative to ward you off my head for a moment or completely – which I know will be truly painful and tearing.

During my time with you and trying to know more about you, I have seen how helpful you have been to others in your surrounding and not just me. You greatness is that you are just equal to everyone and everybody feels the same just like me – everybody feels that you are special to them, and not just me. And,I guess, I do not commit any crime longing for you and being with you for ever.

I don’t know what to say and how to thank you. I have just virtually no words in my dictionary to thank you. I am just dumfounded, astounded, and speechless to see how you have engrossed me completely in yourself. You have complete control over my mind, body and life!

Thank you, COFFEE! Winking smile

“Marriage is a Private Affair”

“Marriage is a private affair” – this is a very well know topic and it has been matter of discussion and talk of table since long time. One reason might be that even the name of the topic is in itself very much sensational, and moreover, it has been one of the most crucial part of our life – MARRIAGE! Therefore, I thought of writing on this topic thinking of possibility of gravitating more thoughts, and subtopics which it will garner after this, for more discussion.

Before starting to write on this topic, I first tried to find some tangible facts that will help to bolster this topic, such as, the number of male and female in a country and a region, the issues governing female infanticide, the way of marriage in a particular country, religion, region and community, the average divorce rate (to clarify the fact that how successful a marriage is in today’s date), and how is it being taken in a particular society as a whole.

For me, what I understand as a meaning of this topic is that, marriage is a relationship which is more intimate, more secluded, more personal (in everyway), and is the closest relationship between two persons – if we talk about monogamy lawfully. However, polygamy is still prevalent and pervasive in most parts of the world which is still taken as lawful – not to be specific about the country or region, because in most cases it is justified depending on the momentary existing circumstances.

Since,  it is difficult to include every single details on this fact, it is wise to make it short and concise, and it is so flexible that it can be defined in several ways. And, I guess married are those who should be writing on this topic rather than a single person  like me, because they are more seasoned than people like me.

From the raw data what I can guess is that almost half of the Asian countries are still practicing the methods of arrange marriage which has been thought to be more successful compared to the love marriage – this is the crude raw data which might be different, and the exceptions are still there. This is a long past history and has been deep rooted mainly in the countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, SriLanka, African countries, Middle East Countries and pat of East Asia.

It is more a matter of discussion rather than information on facts because of the fact that whether arrange marriage is kind of marriage which is more successful and better than love marriage or is it another way round? Because, as the data from the various sources suggests that the divorce rate in the western countries are higher compared to the middle east and the Asian countries. And, more specifically, countries like India and Nepal has the divorce rate even lower than 1%. But, the story doesn’t ends here!

Though the divorce rate is lower in these countries and many other Asian countries like these, there is definitely higher suicide rate, depression and the killings of the newly-wed bride relating to the dowry issues which has deep rooted in these regions. However, since Indian and Nepal is more into the dowry system, still hazy or no data is found relating to the dowry-related-killings in Nepal. But, the sister organization of United Nation (UN) – UN WOMEN – data on India suggests that 24 women lose their life everyday because of the dowry issues.

The topic: “Marriage is a private affair” sounds even more meaningful to me in some particular cases relating to the violence against women when their years of shattered marriage life is still concealed to the world and never comes out until the suffering women is in her moribund.

The dowry exchange is illegal, but the law itself doesn’t seems taking out this problem. The problem is becoming more and more violent which is costing more and more lives everyday in these countries. So, just one part of the issue is not sufficient in describing the successful life after walking down the aisle, but it has got more devastating facts, that is more dire than the unsuccessful marriage, where divorce is more prevalent.