Contraceptive for God!

In times our words might get confusing and its create havoc. This title’s meaning is: “Contraceptive according to God’s will”, and it doesn’t mean the direct meaning as it appears from the byline. Forgive me if it might hurts your religious sentiments. This is not intentional. I might just be naïve.

In today’s context, the use of contraceptive has been a matter of huge debate, and it seems like the world is enjoying the conversation. This doesn’t mean, however, that we all are promiscuous. Generalization is a bad idea, of course in any form, matter, situation or circumstances. You might be cogitating, “Why on the earth has this turned out to be so important today out of nowhere?” There are only two types of person who might not have this question in their mind – either they must be a responsible American who are concerned about what’s going on inside their country, and the another type is the one who is more concerned about the foreign news rather than being  solicitous to the news from their own country – take for example, me.

People from different countries have their own views, ideas and the way of taking these kinds of things in their conversation, and to present themselves when the matter flares – I mean things pertaining to sex. But, from what I have seen in few places, I have come to realize that gender do have some kind of effect when it comes to discussing these things. Though there had been programs on radios and televisions and though the country call themselves being secular – there is still some shadows of dogmas still reverberating in their environment – sex is still a taboo in most of the South Asian countries and majority of middle east countries, and only males are open to these conversation than women – this means, even if it is a healthy conversation. Women in few countries are still engrossed with sulking attitude when it comes to organizing the programs and putting things into discussion.

The debates on use or not use of contraceptives has become a matter of huge debate in the campaigning of the US presidential race – some are in favor, some are in against, as always. There must be two sides of a coin if you want to toss it to try your luck, and political election is one of those tossing where the general people toss their luck by voting the leaders of their choice. As of now, in US presidential election the Catholic bishops are in an uproar against the Obamas administration rule that would require Catholic universities and hospitals to cover contraceptives in their health care plans.

From all the religious point of view, sex is considered as something as profane. Christian, Hindus, Muslim, Sikhs and many others – they all have the same agenda – omit the use of topics and things connected with sex from public discussion, and practice it as a god given thing and not as something artificial. Almost all religion are against the use of contraceptives and the religious leaders are always celibate – choose any religion and go back to their principles – they all are same and they do practice it till today.

What I believe is all those outmoded religious principles were based somehow to control the body and mind of a person to make right use of it. Practicing natural mode of sexual activities might have been put to practice to facilitate the population of the earth, as most of the religions evolved centuries ago when there use to be very few people. Even though it had been devised centuries ago, people might had forms to control the birthrate – just like they had the biotechnology in those centuries ago – like brewing wines and sauerkraut (fermented cabbage leaves). So, they might had finally decided to choose a method to naturally select and artificially elevate the world’s population – more specifically that particular community and/or religion.