Believe in yourself

You know what?, this world is too weird and hard to comprehend what they try to convey. Their meanings are always hazy, incomprehensible and senseless bizarre — but, this is not generalization!

The thing is, when you take up something on your own, when you start something what people think is bizarre, they will poke you, make fun of you, think that you are one those stupid person who don’t have anything else to do than to take something up which is undoable, unreachable, or simply which is not for your-kind-of-thing. But, if you stick to it, believe in yourself and believe in the fact that no labor goes unnoticed and no tries go unrewarded, believe me, one day the same person will come to praise you.

So, always stick to what you really believe in, stick to what your gut says it will be paid off one day, stick to your sense of positivity. Don’t let either your own or somebody’s else word of negativity govern you and their word of negativity guide you. You are your own king, you don’t need somebody’s else permission to choose and follow what you truly believe in, and you have the right to make decisions for your life whatsoever it is.

The day will come and you will be RECOGNIZED and your work, your dedication, your perseverance will be ACKNOWLEDGED!

Good luck to you all — all those who truly believe in themselves and never changed their decision just because somebody else think that they are prima donna!!