A bright dungeon

I was so naïve when I first started to use computer; and internet on the other hand was a complete alien to me. I was so inane that I even didn’t know what an “address bar” is or how we should be searching something on the internet. Terms like “Google”, “yahoo”, “Hotmail”, “email”, “search-engine” were jargons to my infant-ears. However, I still consider and cherished those years of my life as one-of-those-golden-days.

But, over time, things have changed, and so do I. In the process of learning bit-and-bytes of computer world and IT world, I kept being allured to its beauty and was kept on being dragged to a completely new world unequivocally and unintentionally. But, that was a great move – say, either it was calculated by my fate or something else – but, it was something like a real positive turning point.

Since then computer has been a great company to me and I consider it my darling. I don’t know, it might have nibbled my knowledge, my perception and way my brain picks up things to some extent unwittingly, but in return it has given me my achievement so far, so tangible that I can’t ignore that.

But, even after all this long journey, the world of computer still seems hazy to me. Still those jargons are still jargons to me, but the only difference I have found is that those jargons are turning new everyday. Old are gone and new are still coming ever day. I have just got to read that Oxford Dictionary has now more addendum in their list of words which includes the internet languages like: “lol”, “WTF”, “OMG”, “IMHO” and many more like that.

Just few years back, when I use to hear those words —  I use to scratch my hair in frustration thinking what the hell! – “Why am I such a blockhead?” But, over time I realized that in fact, I was not – those words were really completely very new to hundreds and millions of internet and computer users in another corner of the world at that time. However, those words have now become so hackneyed these days and most of us know those little twitches in the sentences.

It’s not just that jargons that has taken me agape, but also the fact that what should and what should not be expressed in the internet. However, I still know thing which are sensitive, and I am always aware of those facts. I felt like internet is a world, but never realized that it is a new world – a world of confinement – a dungeon which is so bright that is hardly perceptible to realize that we are in the dungeon – this is a modern dungeon.

A dungeon of knowledge where we are captive of computer, internet, youtube and wikipedia. We are so captivated to this new technological gadget that we hardly realize how much time we have spent in front of it, we forget to even blink our eye (one of the case of computer vision syndrome), and our hands are so glued to the keyboard that in years down the line, we develop syndromes like carpel tunnel syndrome and many other related disease like that. Diseases like neutral degeneration, rapid aging, diabetes and obesity, depression are somehow related to our habit of computer-sitting.

I am also one of the victims of today’s computer world – positively!

My Life is an Open Book

Since our childhood we all have mustered some sorts of memories of our past in our brains – some are good, some are pleasant, some are bitter while some are just incognito. There are memories that help to live our life once again by recalling those wonderful moments of our past; we can go back and relieve virtually what we can’t in our real life. Everybody wants those kind of wonderful memories to fill their life. So, do I! And, I have one such story!

You know, there is a difference on how a child is brought up in a society or culture! Every place, country and society have their own set of rules which are imposed on the kids since they are born so that they would just follow the right course – which is in fact good in most cases. This is so intense in some cases that kids are forced to choose the streams which they are not really interested. But, this has, fortunately, changed over time.

This idea of imposing the family decision on kids were so intense and blunt that those families never use to see even feel the impending problem later in their kids life which were bigger and more intense than choosing the stream of their choice. The idea use to be taken so seriously and so cozily that it use to be something like normal; but students had failed in most cases. Because there is a sky-high difference on choosing something by will and something superficially.

The most difficult part of which is entering a grad school. This is not a cake-walk. This is something so serious that we have to think about it beforehand and have to prepare accordingly so that we might not get stumbled on our way. We all know that choosing a grad school and entering some school in lower secondary and secondary is not just the same.

I still remember the day; it was my first day in school. I was little bit scared and little bit excited – I was scared because, I didn’t know who will going to be my friends; how they will be behaving with me; whether or not I will be whipped by my class teacher or will I be put under strict punishments. But, at the same time, I was excited because of my newly sewed dress which was neat, tidy, revived – and there was a sense of pride in my brain: “Today I am also big; I am going to school; this is where I ever wanted to be (when I use to see kids going to school in their nicely trimmed hair, nails and polished shoe) – I had a sense of pride that today I am also looking the same as it appeared to me till few days ago; to those poor kids who still have to wait and watch till they will come up age to enter their first step in school! I was really proud of myself; though, vainglorious.

It never mattered how scared I was during my first few days is school, but I am still praised for being my mom’s only kid who never cried or complained going to school – I was the only one who never made the scene and never made them feel disgraced for being the only son and even that a spoiled-child.

Every single turns of my life had been a kind of exciting new event for me; though, they might have scared me a little bit, but my excitement to try something new never changed – I took turns, my life took turn, even my graduate school was not flawless – there has been certainly bumps, but my excitement to try something new, changing new place, new people, friends and new environment surpassed everything and it never veered – I feel, it had always been the way I wanted it to be – not perfect, but still something to feel good about when I want to relive those moments of my life. 

No matter what you choose to be, what you choose to pursue as your profession , where you go, whom you meet, how you lead your life and how bumpy your life had been before – always live your life as if it is never coming back again, live as if today is the day – who knows there will be no tomorrow! Don’t stop and settle because somebody is pulling your feet. Keep moving. This is your life and those moments of childhood and prank-adolescent is never coming back again; you childhood of those sweat drained clothes and collar, and drinking water with your dirty sleeves clinging, and dirt-ladened shoes – there are never coming back again.

Enjoy your life to your fullest.

Science of sharing and brain

As a well known fact which doesn’t need any more further clarification than what it is now – human beings are the social creature which enjoys being in the social circle, surrounded by friends, and sharing their feeling among themselves, which is called a way of expressivity – which helps us to release a hormone in our body called “endorphin” – a feel-good-hormone. This hormone is a neurotransmitter which is synthesized in pituitary gland in the hypothalamus in vertebrate, and also during exercise, excitement, pain, consumption of spicy food, love and during sex.  We call it an endogenous morphine!

There is a saying: “Sorrow halves with sharing and happiness doubles with sharing” – which quite true to its  point. This is an old proverb and I do not remember whose creation-of-mind is this. There are other natural ways of releasing endorphin naturally such as, laughing, consumption of dark chocolate, sharing what you feel when you are either depressed, dejected, feeling down, hopeless or you are extremely elated otherwise.  Out of all these natural ways of releasing our feel-good-hormone, sharing and communicating tops the rank.

If you rummage through the research papers and other epidemiological finding, you will find that people are engaged, and are advised to engage in activities which will help them release this feel-good-hormone in their body. Either you engage in a hot-discussion on a topic or you engage in a nail-biting-competition – all these things have a positive effect on your brain. It’s just like putting your brain into exercise. Solving difficult math problems by setting timing is another way of activating your brain functions or using your left hand or try to be ambidextrous through practice. Putting your brain into marathon-function is another way of activating your brain and so is the release of feel-good-hormone.

Since we are born, we enjoy being in company of some sorts, because we want to share and we like sharing our things. This is a normal and natural process of development. After we come-up-age, we are confined with our limitation – limited interaction, limited friends and lots of work pressure. This puts our brain into a phage of exhaustion which is another pathway towards depression, stress and other forms of neurodegenerative disorders which progresses with age.

Before the advent of social networking site people had only one option in the electronic media – email; which use to be considered as a benediction for the society. Since then the postal service had been limited to more formal way of expressing and communicating between the groups, person and the companies – and its still is considered as the more formal way of communication and more reliable than the electronic channel of communication because of several factors such as tampering of the originality of the things and compromising the authenticity.

The essence of getting involved in any form of communication (either verbal or written) or else discussion is to vent your emotions, irks and your feelings to make yourself good. Think about, for example, for an instance when you are isolated and put in a dungeon for days, months or years and once when you are set free and allowed to talk to the people – how will you feel? There is a very big difference in staying in isolation and getting involved in communication.

Sharing is another way of keeping your brain active and preventing it from getting dull. Social media is another example of getting engaged in conversation, discussions and sharing. But, I have not yet been able to tackle with the problem about why people create their social networking profile, but are always still in isolation – they do not share, they do not comment, they do not update their status.

I think its nothing more than prying on others while staying yourself sullen, dull, dejected, irked with sulking nature. We can’t peep from the hole and boast that, “I am experiencing the world.” We need to come out of those holes to really experience what we want to boast.

Keep sharing! Because, it doesn’t matter how you release your stress – writing, communicating, haring on others, being in competition or speaking – just do it! Because, finally, the only thing matter is how you feel. Sharing your stuff with others is not about what others think, its about yourself – how you feel after that. It more about you than others. Put yourself first in your life, because if you will be good, everyone else connected to you will be good. For me, I feel good, doesn’t matter what I write and how I write, whether my writing is correct or it needs amendments – I just write – I just express.