Science of sharing and brain

As a well known fact which doesn’t need any more further clarification than what it is now – human beings are the social creature which enjoys being in the social circle, surrounded by friends, and sharing their feeling among themselves, which is called a way of expressivity – which helps us to release a hormone in our body called “endorphin” – a feel-good-hormone. This hormone is a neurotransmitter which is synthesized in pituitary gland in the hypothalamus in vertebrate, and also during exercise, excitement, pain, consumption of spicy food, love and during sex.  We call it an endogenous morphine!

There is a saying: “Sorrow halves with sharing and happiness doubles with sharing” – which quite true to its  point. This is an old proverb and I do not remember whose creation-of-mind is this. There are other natural ways of releasing endorphin naturally such as, laughing, consumption of dark chocolate, sharing what you feel when you are either depressed, dejected, feeling down, hopeless or you are extremely elated otherwise.  Out of all these natural ways of releasing our feel-good-hormone, sharing and communicating tops the rank.

If you rummage through the research papers and other epidemiological finding, you will find that people are engaged, and are advised to engage in activities which will help them release this feel-good-hormone in their body. Either you engage in a hot-discussion on a topic or you engage in a nail-biting-competition – all these things have a positive effect on your brain. It’s just like putting your brain into exercise. Solving difficult math problems by setting timing is another way of activating your brain functions or using your left hand or try to be ambidextrous through practice. Putting your brain into marathon-function is another way of activating your brain and so is the release of feel-good-hormone.

Since we are born, we enjoy being in company of some sorts, because we want to share and we like sharing our things. This is a normal and natural process of development. After we come-up-age, we are confined with our limitation – limited interaction, limited friends and lots of work pressure. This puts our brain into a phage of exhaustion which is another pathway towards depression, stress and other forms of neurodegenerative disorders which progresses with age.

Before the advent of social networking site people had only one option in the electronic media – email; which use to be considered as a benediction for the society. Since then the postal service had been limited to more formal way of expressing and communicating between the groups, person and the companies – and its still is considered as the more formal way of communication and more reliable than the electronic channel of communication because of several factors such as tampering of the originality of the things and compromising the authenticity.

The essence of getting involved in any form of communication (either verbal or written) or else discussion is to vent your emotions, irks and your feelings to make yourself good. Think about, for example, for an instance when you are isolated and put in a dungeon for days, months or years and once when you are set free and allowed to talk to the people – how will you feel? There is a very big difference in staying in isolation and getting involved in communication.

Sharing is another way of keeping your brain active and preventing it from getting dull. Social media is another example of getting engaged in conversation, discussions and sharing. But, I have not yet been able to tackle with the problem about why people create their social networking profile, but are always still in isolation – they do not share, they do not comment, they do not update their status.

I think its nothing more than prying on others while staying yourself sullen, dull, dejected, irked with sulking nature. We can’t peep from the hole and boast that, “I am experiencing the world.” We need to come out of those holes to really experience what we want to boast.

Keep sharing! Because, it doesn’t matter how you release your stress – writing, communicating, haring on others, being in competition or speaking – just do it! Because, finally, the only thing matter is how you feel. Sharing your stuff with others is not about what others think, its about yourself – how you feel after that. It more about you than others. Put yourself first in your life, because if you will be good, everyone else connected to you will be good. For me, I feel good, doesn’t matter what I write and how I write, whether my writing is correct or it needs amendments – I just write – I just express.


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