The Lackluster Expression

The notes appearing here might offend you at some point of time. So, it is at your discretion to take it as it appears or otherwise with no offense!!

As I woke up early in the morning, the chippering of birds soothe my ears in this beautiful village (Duwakot). Serene as it seems so does it sound with quite, comfortable and cozy environment welcoming every moment of bliss to cherish. In a way, it’s a perfect place to spend your days – more specifically, when you are thinking of having a residence of your own (either you rent one or own).

Nepal has always been famous when it comes to greenery and have been a paragon for housing purpose – Kathmandu might be surprisingly an exception. But, hang on, as it doesn’t end here. Kathmandu is one single exception in terms of serene weather which does in no way coincides with what we boast about Nepal – the land of Himalayas and greenery – the perfect destination for holiday where you get to experience your peace of mind, and, additionally, it is quite difficult to find a place to hang on with your friends.

Once I had ever mentioned this lugubriousness to my friends, and few of the remarks were something like this: “You have to spend money and you will find many.” But, I personally disavow this fact, as it is not about money. Because, after all, money can’t buy happiness. If, in case, it would have been then, well, I guess, there would not have been dictums like: “Trapped in golden cage.”

Recently, I happened to buy a driving mask for myself because within a month of driving bike in Kathmandu had been one of my hellish experience so far. It is virtually impossible to even imagine to drive in open air of Kathmandu. And, it adds to this hellish flavor when you are driving just behind some utterly disgusting microbuses in Kathmandu that are just looking for a chance to bath you black with its smoke.

As I could not find a perfect place for my perfect mask, I finally decided to walk in “Bhatbhateni supermarket” – one of the so called most adored supermarket in Nepal. After walking through all the floors, my expression was “So, that’s it!”. In fact, I am not quite impressed with this much-hyped supermarket – No offense please! – its my personal experience and my feelings which I got to let it ooze out. You might beg to differ.

It’s not just the supermarket, the entire city is in the sorry state and the hobbling government of Nepal needs to address all this existing basic needs and rights of people, and bear the responsibility of what is happening now. But, these leaders are so insular in nature that they just care to take responsibility if in case they will break the legs of the ministerial chair if it is broken during their term. It doesn’t matter to them to which hellish pit Nepal is heading to.

There are insurmountable numbers of unanswered questions that has to be dealt with; such as, How long a country on a diesel generator can withstand the sustainable growth?

Its sky-high tax on the finished homemade products compared to the finished imported products clearly signifies that Nepal is saying to the foreign investors that, “Dude, you are not welcome in this nation”, with its feign smartness of self-dependency. It’s just like being vainglorious when you are starving to death.

There are three things: transport, electricity and fuel energy, a country needs to at least say confidently that we can be self-dependent. But, hilariously, Nepal lacks all three things!! It’s time to ponder upon what’s going on and have to take some form of initiatives before it is too late.