Life is beautiful

It has been quite a while since I have left blogging which was not of course intentional. It has been quite a while since I have started to get engaged in my first ever job of my life. And, I am feeling good about it. It’s not because I always wanted to earn my own money and spent it the way I wanted, but because it gets be engage and this helps my body to secrete “feel good hormone” which in biological term we term it as “endorphin” – a hormone which is secreted in response to stimulus including coffee, during exercise, excitement, pain, love, orgasm, sex, and many more – whatever excites your brain and gives you a feeling of goodness.

I was born in Nepal, and I have been brought up in a very good environment though not even being from so well-to-do family. I love living in Nepal and continuing my life in Nepal whatever it is and will be, which is contrast to the feeling I had few months back. After spending approximately 3.5 years of my life, finally, I landed in Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu, in one chilling afternoon. The day, I still remember was December 05, 2012. It is just like one of those days of my life which is very hard to forget even I wish to.

Soon after landing, I was already rolling in taxi in the busy streets of Kathmandu – chaotic, noisy filled with pollution of all sorts (noise, air, and whatever you can think of). The first feeling that stung me was, “Is this what I was so desperate of?, Is this what I deserve after spending so much of time, money and facing all those academic-tribulation in foreign land?” – and the feeling kept on stinging me for few days, and it was even more acerbic as I was looking for job. And, you can guess what it costs to find your first ever job.

But as the time passes, it fades away with time. And, after long time, I am starting to feeling that it is anyway good, and I can still stay without electricity, internet or whatever facilities I enjoyed earlier. I am not really boasting, but there is some goodness in everybody and so do I. I always have a feeling of goodness when I engage myself in some sort of activity in the day. Doesn’t matter what I do – either read a novel, write a blog, watch a movie, do my lab work, teach student, – or whatever literally – I use to feel good and I still feel good. It’s a kind of feeling that, “I have not spent my day today doing nothing – at least I did something – something productive in some way which might help me feel good or help me lift myself to some degree of decency.”

Since I got the job, my life turned suddenly turned from being a student to being a professional. Though, managing things in the beginning is difficult, it is always fun to have some sort of challenge waiting for you. Once you accomplish, you feel as if you have own one war and you are now preparing for the next one. Now, the days passes within the blink of an eye, and I wish, the day would have been longer.

Even though lots of things have changed and I am feeling the responsibilities piling upon me, I still feel as if I am still the same old little guy who use to go to school carrying a bag on the back. I can’t believe how the days have been passed so swimmingly. It feels as if those days have been just few old yesteryears which is still fresh in mind. The beautiful memories of old school days and college days is still dancing in front of my eye radiating the goodness of memories.

I wish my life would move as it is and as it has been. There has been some challenges in life, but in overall, it was good and I wish, it will continue as it has been those yesteryears. And, for this I would like to thank god for bringing me in the surrounding of these beautiful peoples (my family, my friends, my seniors, my mentors and my well wishers).