Who are you going to vote this time?

It has been almost a decade we all Nepalese have been waiting for this most awaited moment since the ouster of monarchy system in Nepal. One of the most awaited constitution in Nepal’s history which promises to preserve the rights of the people in or out of minority section of Nepal. And, additionally, ensure the rights of those unprivileged who have been battered by the erstwhile monarchy system somehow. 

With the advent of constitution assembly (CA) poll of Nepal and the date which has been set for November 19, 2013, the politicians are bracing up for the most historic day in the history. Alongside, Nepal government is also doing its homework and seems quite busy making arrangements for the poll – from security to printing ballots for the election. This is the second time Nepal government has deployed army personals for maintaining security during the election period. For which, approximately 4000 army men are being deployed from East to West of Nepal, while attention has been more focused in some vulnerable areas of polling sites which accounts for 12 sites from East to West of Nepal.

The CA poll is thought to have approximately 11,000 candidates vying for 335 seats. But, the sad thing is that most of the Nepalese are still not prepared for this time, as it seems like the preparation has been made in haste taking into account of unceasing protraction of the polling date since Maoists came into peace process and Nepal was declared the secular state from Hindu state.

It appears as if this polling date has been preplanned taking into account of the festive season so that the local candidate leaders can campaign for their election and might have influence on the local people while they are at home.  And, most of all, those promises are some lofty promises which is unattainable with the current country’s economic status, the hard nut policies of Nepal government in different sectors which hinders the smooth developmental transition and this has galvanized sense of apprehension in denizens from East to West.

The most hilarious of all is the chameleon and changeling nature of these politicians. It is really difficult for us to believe these guys who were once busy in kidnapping, killing and hooliganism is now bowing their heads as if they are the most humble person alive on this earth. They are busy going to everybody’s doorstep and offering their greetings by literally falling in the feet of the elders in their area from which they are vying for this election. What a shame! 

The real big question is, how can you trust somebody who were once responsible for kidnapping your loved ones is now all of a sudden falling at your feet. And, even that for a “mere vote”?! Doesn’t it look disgusting? The only thing to learn from whatever going in our society is that – WE CAN’T REALLY TRUST, but few exceptions those who are really determined to do something for this country through this constitution assembly election.

It is not good to pick one from these bunch of morons (politicians) and make a target examples. But, I confidently can say with full conviction that most of these morons come from  background with zero education. Some of them are completely illiterate. How are you supposed to talk, facilitate and give you opinion for the sensitive issues like constitution while you are yourself completely devoid of these black letters?  And, how are we citizens supposed to assimilate their opinion in the form of constitution?

There are innumerable questions to be answered by the state to its people about their right, such as: 1) Who these unknown faces are who are completely illiterate and boasts about representing our rights? 2) Can we believe and put our future on their shoulders and leave it up to them to determine our fate? 3) How can somebody who use to be a barber is going to be a constitution assembly member and talking about our fate to be determined in the history of Nepal? 4) Is this the face of new Nepal we have been waiting for? 5) Is it even possible to make 300,000 job opportunities every year for the Nepalese in Nepal? No body is magician here who can make overwhelming jobs posts available overnight. We have seen it all our life – this is simply not attainable. 

Folks its time to muse on this matter serious before it is too late and you see your rights slipping off your hands and being confiscated against your will! The hard truth is that we are more divided than we ever were. Every party is representing their community – What an insular vision is that?! How can somebody who is so divided in his/her community itself will ever going to have a future insight in the long run?

The fact is, all over the world, “action speaks louder than words”, but in Nepal, “Weapon speaks louder than anything”! – AND THIS IS HOW THEY ARE GOING TO WRITE THE CONSTITUTION OF NEW NEPAL AND NOT BY THE INCLUSION OF THE GENERAL PEOPLE’S OPINION!

So, who are you going to vote this time????

The Songkran Festival from Nepal

The term “Songkran Festival” comes from Thai language – the water-festival of Thailand where it is being celebrated by splashing water on one another which is basically a gesture of sharing love and happiness. This festival is similar to a Hindu festival which we call “Holi”.

In fact, the essence of both of these festivals are basically the same – sharing love and happiness and to show a sign of closeness and affection and to wish well for each other. The only difference between these two festivals is that we Hindus celebrate it with colored water while Songkran festival is being celebrated with plain water. The another stark similarities between these two festivals is that they are being celebrated with the advent of spring season in both countries.

This time “Holi” has been largely peaceful in Kathmandu with just 35 arrests being made by police – unlike yesteryear when there were approximately 660 arrests being made following untoward events such as traffic accident because of drunken-driving, pelting hard water-balloons targeting female which had lead to serious injuries earlier.

Thanks to Metropolitan Police Department that has somehow managed to bring this harrowing situation under control. It has come as a sigh of relief to most who have to travel during the festival day as well. The stricter measures has brought denizens of Kathmandu to feel safe and secure and have been able to go on with their work even on the festival day.

In another way, however, these kind of stricter measures are damping our way of celebrating festival in more humanly and traditional manner. After biking across Kathmandu this morning I experienced that we are loosing the charm and vigor of this great festival as we are basically being confined to our rooms, apartments and our homes. In another sense, this wonderful colorful day has largely been observed as a black-and-white day while people are confined in their homes munching items of meat. Even I have toothache today, and I don’t know how long is it going to last!!

Since the festival is being celebrated in two successive days depending on the regions of Nepal, the terai belt (of course including my hometown) of Nepal is going to pick this color tomorrow.   And, I am already missing it this time as well.

For me, the festival was just so-so as I was also the one who was confined in my room with just my computer and internet as my companion. It has been almost 10 years now since I left my home for my higher education, and since then I have not yet been able to manage to go back to my home and celebrate with my family.

But, as the saying goes: “There is always the next time”, I am quite optimistic for next year. Hope next year is going to bring some colors to my life.

Happy Holi to you guys (friends in Nepal, India and elsewhere in abroad) and happy belated Songkran festival to my friends in Thailand.

Life is beautiful

It has been quite a while since I have left blogging which was not of course intentional. It has been quite a while since I have started to get engaged in my first ever job of my life. And, I am feeling good about it. It’s not because I always wanted to earn my own money and spent it the way I wanted, but because it gets be engage and this helps my body to secrete “feel good hormone” which in biological term we term it as “endorphin” – a hormone which is secreted in response to stimulus including coffee, during exercise, excitement, pain, love, orgasm, sex, and many more – whatever excites your brain and gives you a feeling of goodness.

I was born in Nepal, and I have been brought up in a very good environment though not even being from so well-to-do family. I love living in Nepal and continuing my life in Nepal whatever it is and will be, which is contrast to the feeling I had few months back. After spending approximately 3.5 years of my life, finally, I landed in Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu, in one chilling afternoon. The day, I still remember was December 05, 2012. It is just like one of those days of my life which is very hard to forget even I wish to.

Soon after landing, I was already rolling in taxi in the busy streets of Kathmandu – chaotic, noisy filled with pollution of all sorts (noise, air, and whatever you can think of). The first feeling that stung me was, “Is this what I was so desperate of?, Is this what I deserve after spending so much of time, money and facing all those academic-tribulation in foreign land?” – and the feeling kept on stinging me for few days, and it was even more acerbic as I was looking for job. And, you can guess what it costs to find your first ever job.

But as the time passes, it fades away with time. And, after long time, I am starting to feeling that it is anyway good, and I can still stay without electricity, internet or whatever facilities I enjoyed earlier. I am not really boasting, but there is some goodness in everybody and so do I. I always have a feeling of goodness when I engage myself in some sort of activity in the day. Doesn’t matter what I do – either read a novel, write a blog, watch a movie, do my lab work, teach student, – or whatever literally – I use to feel good and I still feel good. It’s a kind of feeling that, “I have not spent my day today doing nothing – at least I did something – something productive in some way which might help me feel good or help me lift myself to some degree of decency.”

Since I got the job, my life turned suddenly turned from being a student to being a professional. Though, managing things in the beginning is difficult, it is always fun to have some sort of challenge waiting for you. Once you accomplish, you feel as if you have own one war and you are now preparing for the next one. Now, the days passes within the blink of an eye, and I wish, the day would have been longer.

Even though lots of things have changed and I am feeling the responsibilities piling upon me, I still feel as if I am still the same old little guy who use to go to school carrying a bag on the back. I can’t believe how the days have been passed so swimmingly. It feels as if those days have been just few old yesteryears which is still fresh in mind. The beautiful memories of old school days and college days is still dancing in front of my eye radiating the goodness of memories.

I wish my life would move as it is and as it has been. There has been some challenges in life, but in overall, it was good and I wish, it will continue as it has been those yesteryears. And, for this I would like to thank god for bringing me in the surrounding of these beautiful peoples (my family, my friends, my seniors, my mentors and my well wishers).


A Letter to Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

Please kindly accept my humble greeting from a dark corner of my cubical. While I am writing this, my candle seem vacillating, however, it is stills supporting me and I hope it will give me company till I finish writing this letter to you.

We general people of Nepal and your dear compatriots love you so much that we somehow manage to put in forefront in light without giving ourself a chance to blame even though we were in dark and we still are.

As you know, Nepal is such a small country, and having ministers and parliamentary members reaching up to 601 or even more is just like having a representative from every single house of Nepal, though, not literally.   I think, with this much huge number of members would never take years and even a decade to solve this matter, if they would just want to. What I have understood from this political stalemate is that we are enjoying more in protracting the matter than convening and reaching to a mutual consensus in our trivial matters and solving it at least on the humanitarian ground.

We all honestly respect your way of governance, but truth to be told, “It is not still adequate and effective in this crucial juncture”. It seems as if your way of governance and your peremptory power you hold is being taken as if granted, and because of this even our neighboring countries are taking advantage of it.

Nepal television and Kantipur television, for example, put on the threat list of Indian intelligence citing that these two Nepali channels anti-Indian sentiments. I have been watching these two channels since I hold my cognizance, however, I have never ever experienced such thing. Additionally, even Nepal television use to broadcast Indian cinemas every Saturday – which I guess, it is still broadcasting starting from 2 pm – that is not anti-Indian sentiment – this can be considered as even pro-Indian, I guess.

Mr. President, your silence in this matter even bolsters the nonsense fact that those two Nepali channels are actually broadcasting things promoting anti-Indian sentiments. These non-existing things will keep on pilling up along with our own trivial matters which is taking ages before getting settled down in rightful way. And, this will be a very big burden to handle at last which of course should not be happening.

We were so elated to find you as our supreme power to guide as the first president of Democratic Republic of Nepal. But, our feeling of jubilation seems losing its vigor while we are still lingering in dark with 10-hours of load-shedding or even more in the days to come as the winter keeps landing more.

Rather than being just a titular president of Nepal (in another term a ceremonial president), we want you to take a stern step because we are fade up of staying in dark. None of us deserve to stay in dark while being the second largest nation on earth in terms of water resources.

The fire of scarcity has gutted us now, but don’t forget that it will not take long to reach to your door steps. Because, after all we should not forget the universal truth that, “If an injustice is happening to your neighbor and you can see, then wait for your turn, because you are the next”!!