A Letter to Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

Please kindly accept my humble greeting from a dark corner of my cubical. While I am writing this, my candle seem vacillating, however, it is stills supporting me and I hope it will give me company till I finish writing this letter to you.

We general people of Nepal and your dear compatriots love you so much that we somehow manage to put in forefront in light without giving ourself a chance to blame even though we were in dark and we still are.

As you know, Nepal is such a small country, and having ministers and parliamentary members reaching up to 601 or even more is just like having a representative from every single house of Nepal, though, not literally.   I think, with this much huge number of members would never take years and even a decade to solve this matter, if they would just want to. What I have understood from this political stalemate is that we are enjoying more in protracting the matter than convening and reaching to a mutual consensus in our trivial matters and solving it at least on the humanitarian ground.

We all honestly respect your way of governance, but truth to be told, “It is not still adequate and effective in this crucial juncture”. It seems as if your way of governance and your peremptory power you hold is being taken as if granted, and because of this even our neighboring countries are taking advantage of it.

Nepal television and Kantipur television, for example, put on the threat list of Indian intelligence citing that these two Nepali channels anti-Indian sentiments. I have been watching these two channels since I hold my cognizance, however, I have never ever experienced such thing. Additionally, even Nepal television use to broadcast Indian cinemas every Saturday – which I guess, it is still broadcasting starting from 2 pm – that is not anti-Indian sentiment – this can be considered as even pro-Indian, I guess.

Mr. President, your silence in this matter even bolsters the nonsense fact that those two Nepali channels are actually broadcasting things promoting anti-Indian sentiments. These non-existing things will keep on pilling up along with our own trivial matters which is taking ages before getting settled down in rightful way. And, this will be a very big burden to handle at last which of course should not be happening.

We were so elated to find you as our supreme power to guide as the first president of Democratic Republic of Nepal. But, our feeling of jubilation seems losing its vigor while we are still lingering in dark with 10-hours of load-shedding or even more in the days to come as the winter keeps landing more.

Rather than being just a titular president of Nepal (in another term a ceremonial president), we want you to take a stern step because we are fade up of staying in dark. None of us deserve to stay in dark while being the second largest nation on earth in terms of water resources.

The fire of scarcity has gutted us now, but don’t forget that it will not take long to reach to your door steps. Because, after all we should not forget the universal truth that, “If an injustice is happening to your neighbor and you can see, then wait for your turn, because you are the next”!!



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