A bright dungeon

I was so naïve when I first started to use computer; and internet on the other hand was a complete alien to me. I was so inane that I even didn’t know what an “address bar” is or how we should be searching something on the internet. Terms like “Google”, “yahoo”, “Hotmail”, “email”, “search-engine” were jargons to my infant-ears. However, I still consider and cherished those years of my life as one-of-those-golden-days.

But, over time, things have changed, and so do I. In the process of learning bit-and-bytes of computer world and IT world, I kept being allured to its beauty and was kept on being dragged to a completely new world unequivocally and unintentionally. But, that was a great move – say, either it was calculated by my fate or something else – but, it was something like a real positive turning point.

Since then computer has been a great company to me and I consider it my darling. I don’t know, it might have nibbled my knowledge, my perception and way my brain picks up things to some extent unwittingly, but in return it has given me my achievement so far, so tangible that I can’t ignore that.

But, even after all this long journey, the world of computer still seems hazy to me. Still those jargons are still jargons to me, but the only difference I have found is that those jargons are turning new everyday. Old are gone and new are still coming ever day. I have just got to read that Oxford Dictionary has now more addendum in their list of words which includes the internet languages like: “lol”, “WTF”, “OMG”, “IMHO” and many more like that.

Just few years back, when I use to hear those words —  I use to scratch my hair in frustration thinking what the hell! – “Why am I such a blockhead?” But, over time I realized that in fact, I was not – those words were really completely very new to hundreds and millions of internet and computer users in another corner of the world at that time. However, those words have now become so hackneyed these days and most of us know those little twitches in the sentences.

It’s not just that jargons that has taken me agape, but also the fact that what should and what should not be expressed in the internet. However, I still know thing which are sensitive, and I am always aware of those facts. I felt like internet is a world, but never realized that it is a new world – a world of confinement – a dungeon which is so bright that is hardly perceptible to realize that we are in the dungeon – this is a modern dungeon.

A dungeon of knowledge where we are captive of computer, internet, youtube and wikipedia. We are so captivated to this new technological gadget that we hardly realize how much time we have spent in front of it, we forget to even blink our eye (one of the case of computer vision syndrome), and our hands are so glued to the keyboard that in years down the line, we develop syndromes like carpel tunnel syndrome and many other related disease like that. Diseases like neutral degeneration, rapid aging, diabetes and obesity, depression are somehow related to our habit of computer-sitting.

I am also one of the victims of today’s computer world – positively!


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