Thank you, my dear friend!

Its been almost 28 years now of my life and now finally I find you. It was so great when I first got to know you and the value of your presence in my life. I am so obliged to you the way you have helped me and assisted me in my work in everyway since I got to know you. You are simply great to me!

Even though I knew you in the beginning I didn’t want to come closer to you, for being apprehensive of losing myself, because I always knew that your effect in me might be devastating in nature. I have always been skeptical of things in my life and for that very reason I have missed so much of good things, moments and persons in my life. Being apprehensive and skeptical to some extent is good, but as it is said that, “Excess of anything is bad” – it has applied exactly to me till now in few things – that is being skeptical of things.

Since you came to my life, your presence has truly changed me in everyway and more specifically the my potential to which I can reach. Whenever I had a bad mood, swollen and being skeptical of my own potential and doubting myself, you have helped me to calm down, hold my heart and be patient. You taught me a lesson of having a serene mind and its good effect on us, and our productivity and our gregarious nature and helping us to become even more social.

I can’t discount the fact that you are around me, because you have always been inside me. Once you are in me, I can’t help myself but just to surrender to you. Your presence in me is to grabbing, and I have always felt that no doubt when, where and how. You are just omnipresent for me in a way. I can find you in every nooks and corner of this earth. The only thing I have to care is that I have to miss you once somehow, and want your presence in my life wherever I am – you have always been there and you are always there.

When you are with me, around me or in me, I just feel so good and the world looks so beautiful to me. Everything looks so perfect that I feel that I have been moron of being unkind to somebody or being unfriendly to somebody. Everything and everyone just suddenly start looking so beautiful, kind and like a friend of mine. If you are not around me, I can’t really concentrate in my work, I can’t do things and most of the things start looking so hazy to comprehend and impossible to achieve.

I don’t know and don’t understand, how I have been able to live without you?, or its just that you are my habit now? I know, I will miss you so immensely if ever I have to leave you for some reason. I know it will be very hard for me – either I have to find someone like you or find an alternative to ward you off my head for a moment or completely – which I know will be truly painful and tearing.

During my time with you and trying to know more about you, I have seen how helpful you have been to others in your surrounding and not just me. You greatness is that you are just equal to everyone and everybody feels the same just like me – everybody feels that you are special to them, and not just me. And,I guess, I do not commit any crime longing for you and being with you for ever.

I don’t know what to say and how to thank you. I have just virtually no words in my dictionary to thank you. I am just dumfounded, astounded, and speechless to see how you have engrossed me completely in yourself. You have complete control over my mind, body and life!

Thank you, COFFEE! Winking smile


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