It’s in us!

You know what is that most difficult thing on this earth to do? – It is to believing in yourself. And, it even more harder when you are slapped with uncountable and barrage of failures in your life. Our one success stands on the heap of failures, misfortunes, uncountable tries. That’s why I guess our success if more solid and cemented with strong base which rarely vacillates once it is set.

There are number of saying, dictums and proverbs which we often link it to somebody more profound, somebody who have done something for the society and is being well renowned even after they are physically absent from earth. One such saying is, “Every human beings is artist when they are born. The mistake is they don’t realize it when they are grown up”. Similarly, there is another one, which says, “Everything is possible for a small child because they don’t have fear. But, it becomes impossible because those child are filled with fears once they are grown up.”

Finally, whatever it is, the most important thing and knowledge to carry home is, we all are gifted. There is nothing on this earth which is useless, so how we can be. The only thing we have to do is to find what is that we are being made for – the real purpose of us being a being – human being. There must be a reason for an existing thing. We have a purpose, you have a purpose – everyone of us have a purpose. Might be not for the same reason, but there is something or there might be something.

We are the part of the system (earth), and for the system to work efficiently every part must work on with a good efficiency.

When we have a problem, everything goes blank. And, the only thing we see on this earth existing is just us – ourself. Rest is all nonentity for us. Or even if we realize that there are things existing, we find that they are better than us. I have often heard my dad saying, “There are three things people find it more: his own knowledge and wisdom (because every body thinks that they can think better than others, or what they are doing is perfect and no one can be more perfect then him/her, or they find their idea more alluring and more profound them others), similarly, they find other wealth more than themselves, and other’s happiness (they think that they are the one who is suffering the most), and rest all have a rosy-life.

There are hundreds of things we have come across or might come across in our life, and we might fail in most of the situation. Because, we all are special in one thing, so basically, we can’t expect everything or even most of the things to work for us or we might not expect to be successful in most of those things. We have to figure out what we are good into and start working on it.

In most instances while I am walking on my way to college or work, I see hundreds of people from all walks of life: some walking in nice suit and boots, some walking in nice car with their AC  turned on and I also see the public transport drivers or some vendors on the street. Sometime I envy them, honestly thinking that they are more happy than me, they have a serene mind and a error-free life where they don’t have to worry for anything – at least they can work whole day which doesn’t need any mental tribulation to suffer from – their work is easier than mine and by the end of the day they can go to bed without having to worry for whatsoever for the next time.

I feel like their life is fixed and it is not as vacillating as mine, they are more stable in everyway, though they might not be earning a think money, but their mind is calmer than mine. They do not have to worry for the project, they do not have to prepare for the exams every now and then, they do not have to worry for proving themselves to be right in case if they slip into some mistakes or error, and also don’t have to worry if they bungle their work – because, their work-errors can be fixed easily than mine.

What would you do with a life when your mind is still awake even while you are sleeping or thing starts popping in and out of your head when you switch your apnea or you are jumping to-and-fro when you are soporific or in your slumber state. What kind of life is it when you have an already ready-made god-powered calendar always active in your mind which keeps on reminding you to do this and that every now and then or even beeps sometimes with nerves breakdown when you fail to meet the demand? What will you do when you body is not supporting but your mind keeps on pushing with a vehement force like “IT HAS TO BE DONE”!?

But, the thing is we are not just the exception. Everybody have these things going on in their mind at some point of time. It’s just the nature and degree that might vary, but no one is immune to it. We all are suffering from the same disease – a disease to be the best, to long for something unprecedented so that you could be the one shining in the crowds of thousands. Knowing or unknowing all these things are going in our mind, but we fail to recognize that we deserve it, because we have generated it by ourself. No one has stacked it upon us, it’s us who want this, because we want to be the best, we want to survive or in some case we want to compete very badly even sometimes without a reason.

Our quality of life is what we choose by ourself or in some case what we are made to choose, circumstantially, even when we don’t want to. So, we have to choose what we are specially made for otherwise life would be tough. But, that is very difficult to figure out in the early stage of life.


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