Not a Sinner nor a Saint

As we have been believing in the times eternal that we have been created by the god – one of the most supreme power which can’t be seen, which can’t be dealt, but its existence is for sure. It’s a belief and a feeling which doesn’t needs an explanation that it do exists. This earth is full of things which exists in parallel. It’s just like the air, sound, happiness, coldness, sadness, enviousness, remorse – all kinds of feeling that needs either a sense or a belief that it do exists. God is one of them!

Existence of God has been questioned by the atheist, scientists (who believes in the tangible results), for whom rest of the things are just useless. The creations of earth is in harmonious to each other, the existence of which is unimaginable if one slips over another. The rule of equal and opposite must be maintained to balance the nature and the universe. From the sun and moon and the entire solar system to the galaxies to the biological system of our body and the ecosystem itself – everything is in harmony – everything is balanced.

Think of one thing (which can be whatever comes to your mind), now omit it and then think how would other things which has been or is connected with those things balance itself. There are two possibilities: either the things related, correlated and resting on the support of another one has to be demolished or wipeout of existence or either it has to find an alternative support for the ultimate balance.

The existence of the god can be felt with a deep cogitation, musing of the matter, and finding the differences underlying it. In a simple sense, it can be felt and it is quite obvious that human can live without the human’s creations so far the mankind has been able to garner through its wit, but the existence of the living things on the earth is virtually impossible with the extinction of any one parameters or even the intricacies of the god’s creation.

God is surely omnipresent. It is present in your hearts, in your deeds, in your actions and intentions – it is the supreme power relying in ourself. It is omnipresent because it is in us; wherever we go it follows us as our own shadow – and, our shadow is we ourself and how we govern ourself in doing things. That’s why there is saying, “As you sow, so shall you reap” – again the same universal fact of “Every force has equal and opposite reaction”. Just like our shadow never leaves us, so is our deeds – which never leaves us.

We fight for our religion, our believes and for our god. What we have failed to understand that we all are worshipping the same god –- which is a universal power – a light which can be felt, but it is so powerfully bright that it is impossible to find the core of the power. It is a power which governs us from differentiating good from bad.

No body is sinner nor a saint on this earth. This is just the power which has to be balanced. It needs both good and bad aspects of life, nature and the universe as a whole. Think of situation when there is not even a single sinner – everybody does the same thing, everybody does just good things, no body is against anybody, no body has issue with anybody – everything is perfect. If this is ever to happen, the entropy of the earth will rise so sharply and tremendously that it will surpass all the barriers governing it balance.

It’s a nature, it’s a earth which needs both sinners and the saints in a way, it needs both sun and shadow, its need both the property of attraction and repulsion, it need both the savior and the demolisher, it needs both happiness and sadness (you can’t be happy without being sad, and vice versa), it needs both the fire and the water – all these things are just for balancing the nature and preserving the mankind on the earth.

God is nothing more than a common thing for which we vie – it’s a power which can’t be contained. But, we still try to fight of our religion as if it can be contained. Human beings has not created any forms of power and for that reason all forms of natural power is the god, because it has the power to create and destroy. And, most importantly: Water, Air, Fire, Sun, Soil – these all things have power to support life on earth or just engulf all of the existing things all of a sudden in seconds.

That’s why god is omnipresent and god is great. Respect god and save earth, and for this we need both sinner and the saints because everybody have their duty to fulfill. We all are just helping earth nature to be balanced – so, there is no sinner and the saints – we all are just agents of the god meant to be here to fulfill god’s desire – that is to balance the nature!






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