What defines the best?

It is quite bewildering and hazy idea to define what is best. Because, the definition of best is something that is momentary and which governs only a specific area – in simple sense, it is comparative thing which can’t stand alone without being compared to something.

What I am trying to say and ask your opinion is that, “How would you define best or in terms of ranking when you have to choose something and have to put it in a order?” This has been a kind of pestering question for me, and I have not been able to judge when it comes to defining what is best. The narrower is our horizon of sight and the lower is our degree of predilection, the the easier it becomes to find the answer.

The thing is, I have been reading English newspaper for quite a long time and I am a big fan of print version rather than the digital version. In fact, I endorse the idea that world should be digitalized, but I prefer to say that, it should not be at the cost of print-version. Those are some antique which can’t be replaced by anything. You can take, for example, the touch keyboard vs. the tactile keyboard. In the IT world, though there has been a boom in the development and marketing of the smartphones with the virtual keyboard, this has not somehow been so successful in the computer world. And, the reason is simple, people do prefer tactile keyboard rather than a virtual keyboard – though, virtual keyboard is more gaudy in appearance.

If you think honestly and impartially, you will find that it is more convenient to read the printed materials rather than the digital version of the papers, eBooks and magazines. The digitalization of the world is just to simplify the world and to make it more arranged. More specifically, we can say that it is easier to carry one notebook or a ipad over few bunch of papers and thick books. It has just made it handy, but its not that comfortable reading onscreen. And, I have found it is kind of more common experience in general public.

The reason why I have come to write about this is because I am fed up of reading online magazine and newspaper. It’s not just that comfortable as reading the printed magazines and newspaper. It’s been more than 3 years now for me in Bangkok, and since I stepped into Thailand I have hardly bought 10 copies of one of those two leading English newspapers (Bangkok Post and The Nation). All forms of English materials are so expensive in Thailand, and it is virtually unaffordable for the students on the daily basis. However, I have bought more than 15-copies of “Time” magazine since then, despite of its whooping price – which is thought to be for the executive levels and the corporate houses.

I am so crazy about English Newspapers, but not magazine. However, magazines works when I am short of options. I am quite a regular reader of these online newspapers: New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, LA Times, The Guardian, Christian Science Monitor, Kantipur Post (from Nepal), and also few news portals such as: BBC, MSNBC, Yahoo News, Aljazeera English, CNN. Out of all these news outlets, one of my favorite is New York Times.   But, I am very much disappointed since it became limited to just 10 articles per month.

I am so addicted to this newspaper now after following for more than 5 years continuously that I can’t even think of changing my mind at this moment to something else and find alternative or replacement to it. However, I am thinking of changing to some good English magazine and newspaper, and at this point I need your opinion.

Now, I have got one simple question to ask you.

Without biasness, which newspaper do you think is the best for you and why? I am talking about the newspaper which covers every aspect of a country, society and the world and might not be concentrated to one general such as politics, entertainment or something like this.

I might be insular in thought, but, for me, I believe that NYTIMES is the best newspaper when it comes to English language for English learners.   


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