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If we look back into our (Nepal’s) history, most of us will agree with the fact that non of us are that smug with the development of Nepal and what we have seen in last ten to 15 years or even more. I think, so far, we are not been able to hold on to our responsibility as a good Spartan citizen, and I think we are in delusion to be called one. Yes, of course, we have somehow been able to hold on to our duty and still rise in the adversaries, but that is so hidebound and the development has been limited to our own family. We have not been able to contribute to the extent we are supposed to have by this time.

Fifteen years is not a small period of time — it is a long duration. The reason why I am repeatedly mentioning this time is because as a Nepalese we have seen our country developing by leaps and bounds till that time. Booming of industrial sector, government sector, quality assurance and control, the grip of Transparency International Nepal on the offices and government as well as private officials had been so much commendable, and it had shown the productivity along with the extent of productivity and quality general public had experienced in the service and products. But, as the time passes we have seen it slipping out of our hand and so far nothing has been done to assure that it is not going out of our control.

It really hurts when you see thousands of Nepalese leaving for greener pasture, and no other place can be best which can reflect the real-time scenario other than Tribhuban International Airport (TIA). As I was checking-in in TIA for Bangkok, I was shunned to see the overwhelming number of people in the queue waiting patiently which was exclusively for the Nepalese who are destined for the gulf countries for work purpose, and those who are under working visa category. The milieu of the boarding-room appears as if there are 75% of Nepalese under that category and rest contains foreigners and Nepalese for some other purpose. I am not being judgmental here, but the fact is anybody can spot it correctly without hesitation — just from the countenance and the dressing sense of the people in the room.

We can now say with a dignified tone that we are one of those countries of the world which is contributing to a significant degree to the developed world for their further progressivity, and fortunately, this has also impacted immensely on our economic graph simultaneously, which shows it is rising just because of the foreign currencies entering into our country through remittance.

This is not just the case with the working class, it has been infectious to the intellectual class as well. I guess, there are more than 100,000 students pursuing foreign degrees all over the world ranging from A-level and Prophecy Certificate Level (PCL) level to PhD and post-doctorate. And, we don’t have to go farther to look for the example. Because, if I start to trace back my friends only from my high school to my college, I can find them dispersed in more than 20 different countries with the range of subjects from arts, humanity, commerce, science and medicine which I guess is quite jaw dropping in a sense. But, hang on, because this is not painting some rosy picture towards the Nepal’s future.

The reasons are innumerable, but I would still reiterate the fact which I have been sticking to for more than last 10 years and that is “political instability”. For me, it’s a backbone towards the progressivity. Until and unless this is sorted out in a conclusive manner, I think, doesn’t matter how hard we try, we are not going any further. But, then, this doesn’t mean that we are stagnant. Of course, we are going to make some advancement but that will be just iota of something we can achieve in just months and few years.

We all know that development of any country doesn’t just depend on the individual initiation and it is not under a particular person’s frame of control, but rather it is a group venture. We all have to cooperate with each other as we all have a common target to reach to. But, it seems as if it is taking too long to just even understand that we have a common agenda and we need to cooperate to each other for that common purpose. But, sadly enough, we are being hidebound in our attitude and we have stopped listening to each other and at the same time we have become myopic in our future vision.

The lack of cooperatively in our self is another factor that is dragging us out from our country. We have virtually lost our faith, trust and sense of respect for others in the run to reach a destination overnight — which is nothing more than a seer stupidity we are following.

There is difference between in doing something by your heart and something by force. Today, we are being materialistic and we are engaged in something by force rather than by our wit and our desire for it. Today, we feel like as if we are being pushed for something we don’t want to do and there where we fail to escalate to our limit. It’s always an urge to do something tangible. If we have an urge for something it will gives us with result that we long — because these days we have become result oriented rather than work oriented. Doesn’t matter how hard we try, if we can’t produce result, rest all is just futile.

For us to produce results, we need our togetherness which provides us with cooperative — something that we desperately need in this situation. What we have earned from Thailand is not just my degree but a value of togetherness and cooperative. Thai people believe in the slogan, “Together We Can Do It!”. I think, we need the same. Because, until and unless we don’t understand this, we are not moving forward and immigration will continue for ever. ■

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Glad of getting old things back

Its almost like twenty days since I left blogging, and I had already started missing it. But, now, I am back from one of the most momentous and cherishing moment of my life. It was great! I think its better to leave something personal, so I prefer not to reveal it. Those last 17 days passed so swimmingly that I didn’t even realize that it is time to return to my work place, and I was not mentally prepared to come back so early – soon after finishing the function. Finally, reluctantly, I had to and I could not help myself then to leave.

My Nepal visit this time was more memorable than in 2010. I guess it was more memorable and lively which might be because I had things to get engaged with which kept me occupied both mentally and physically. And secondly because I find more positive changes in Nepal which I wanted to see at least a bit. Nepal was in wrong track since the downfall of Nepal as a kingdom to a democratic republican state. For me it was something like unfettering a mad cow. People were turning violent – in the last 10-years of history, Nepal was becoming more and more chaotic.

Engulfed with darkness because of unprecedented long load-shedding, shortage of cooking gas, petroleum, shortage of proper drinking water has marred the entire beautiful society. But surprisingly we Nepalese have unprecedentedly and incomparably high level of tolerance – everything is okay for us. Even till now there is still some exceptions – Whatever goes around, nobody cares unless it falls to them. “Khai k garne?” (“So, what to do?”) has become a dictum for them. People had started becoming more and more personal and insular in attitude and egotistical. They had seeing themselves first – which can even be at the cost of somebody’s stake.

When I visited in 2010, I use to fear to go out – scared of being looted or kidnapped in my own hometown. It was really hell scary, but this time after two years things seems changing – thanks to the security system of Nepal that has somehow brought situation under control. And, just because  of few things this time I felt as if we have started getting our old Nepal back – not in terms of development but in terms of security, and the honesty people have started showing now – it has irradiation of positivity towards the development of Nepal.

The ramshackle roads links highways turned out to be a smooth full-throttle roads (though still not comparable to a developed country) – but still far more commendable than what I had seen few years back. Where it use to take an hour to reach has been connected with beautiful roads where we can reach in just 20 minutes or so, roads have been separated with diversions in the middle to minimize traffic accidents, we can now walk and drive our vehicle late night without fearing of being ransacked, jaywalkers have started crossing the roads only from the zebra-crossings, started using over-head-bridge or underground pass to cross, traffic have been eased, street vendors disappeared, army check points every now and then on the highways and the garrisons and barrage have simply disappeared, civil police who use to wear a nice clean dress that had disappeared during the insurgency period have come back again lashed with a beautiful rhododendron on their caps  – simply awesome!

The old roads are under construction with driving forces like China, India and Japan on the back. Almost from East to West of Nepal has been connected to broadband internets, ADSL, 3G internet and cable internet and wireless broadband internets and even that with a very descent speed of at least 1 MBPS or above. In totality I am so impressed with the ongoing infrastructure changes inside Kathmandu and outside which make it appear as if Nepal has got a new life. And the most stark thing I saw was that even in the passport control section of Nepal Immigration Center in Tribhuvan International Airport, foreigners queue was longer than Nepali. Wow! Somehow Nepal Tourism Year 2011 seems has been successful.

It was even more impressive to see that the new generation is coming up with more vehement ideas and enthusiasm to set up their own research labs in collaboration with foreign university and research centers – particularly with the one from where they have graduated or graduating. I think the beginning of new Nepal has just started and its meaning is taking its true color which seemed to be fading with every passing day and hurdles in the way of only hope of all Nepalese – promulgation of new constitution of Nepal.

I am happy that I am getting my old Nepal back with new shades of colors !