Let us make this festival even bigger and better this time…. Are you in?

Dashain (in Nepali) or Dushera (in Hindi) is a 15-days-long national festival of Nepal and is mostly celebrated by Hindus all over the globe during the month of September – October, every year. It is one of the most auspicious festivals of Hindu and is being celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigor. During the festival all educational institutes as well as commercial sectors remain closed to mark the festival. And, this is the only festival when people from all over Nepal (who have stretched in the process of job) travel back to their home to reunite with their family members to celebrate it. But, there are still over hundreds and thousands of Nepalese who live in an abject poverty who don’t have this privilege to get reunited with their family members – those are the people whose 24-hours of time often falls short to earn enough to make their festival happier too.   

This festival is mostly infamous because of the average expenditure people make during this festival. If you take an example of a small town “Malangwa, District: Sarlahi, Zone: Janakpur”, bordering India with Sonbarsa, you will find that just this Dashain the total sales raised to more than 50 million Rupees, while its population is just over 25,102 as shown by the Nepal census 2011. When the average salary of Nepalese is below NRS 8000, spending over NRS 2000 is bit more.

We earn to save whole year but when it comes to Dashain we spend lavishly. But, unfortunately, this is not common in our country as the average monthly salary and the monthly wage of most of the people is way too lower than handful of people. This video is about those people who are struggling and for them this grand festival doesn’t bring any form of joy in their life.

A better way of making this festival even more festive and bigger. I am in; are you in with us in this Nobel cause?

The festival “Dashain” is celebrated in an extravagantly lavish way which costs millions of dollars. However big it is, but most of the Nepal’s younger generation think that this is not going anywhere and it is not helping Nepal’s economy and most of all, it is not helping the millions of people who lives in an abject poverty. Have you ever thought of making this festival even bigger and better? If so, this might be an eloquent way of doing so….

This is our initiative and who knows this might be a legacy to the Nepal’s younger generation. We all can make a change and it begins from us – YOU BE THE CHANGE ! WILL YOU?