Books and Magazines

Hello friends,

We are set to upload and update our “Books and Magazine” page with book reviews and the latest information on different updated content in the world’s leading magazines.

Hope you will find it exciting every time with some new changing flavor of news media and literary works.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.


Connecting world.


2 thoughts on “Books and Magazines

  1. Didn’t know where to post this request. I’m writing a Nepali/english children’s book and would like to triple check on the language. The book text is on my blog. If you don’t mind taking a look at it, I’d really appreciate it.

    1. Yeah, sure. I am sorry for replying you bit late. But, i will check it and will let you know shortly. Happy to know that you are writing an English-Nepali children’s book. Great work! Keep it up Padmini.

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