About Me and ‘A Walk To Remember’

I am born in a middle class family and have been brought up in the same way with the similar kind of principle of simple living and high thinking. I believe in helping people irrespective of what they are and what they believe. I like making friends, reading novels, writing blogs, surfing internet, listening to music, watching movies and hanging out with friends in weird places.

This blog is about what I encounter in my life and its memories. Its a ways of capturing my moments if not every single moments. The contents appearing in this blogs are just my pure, simple moments of my life and my personal experiences, and coming to match with somebody’s personal life will just be coincidental.

Thank you,


Rajesh Chaudhary


8 thoughts on “About Me and ‘A Walk To Remember’

  1. It is always nice to read someone’s writing on enjoying a simple but happy life. In today’s world where people are going at each other for material possessions, it is refreshing to read that you are writing about simple things that can make a person happy.

    Keep writing and good luck!

    1. thanks buddy. can I contact you on your gmail? If that is okay, I would love to have a new friend in my network and owuld love to be in touch. let me know. 🙂

  2. I can tell from your stories that you are learning a lot of things from your life experiences. You know we learn a lot of things from the challenges of life, and sometimes it helps us to be strong and help others.

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