What does it take?

Kathmandu | Sunday, June 2, 2013

|By Rajesh Chaudhary

It has been more than 10 years now since these newspaper writing, articles, blogs, novels and whatever sort of writing materials has engrossed me to my fullest. I have just somehow found myself to be submerged in this fascinating world of literature. In this course of voyage through this fascinating world, I have learnt some of the things which is crucial for becoming a writer – at least a simple blog writer or diary writer, if not a dexterous novel writer.

As I have mentioned in one of my blogs about fear, it is our fear that is being a kind of impediment for what we long for. It is an apprehension to open yourself to the public and it is quite understandable. Whether you have to present your paper in an international conference or you have to be a moderator in some international meeting where participants are from different backgrounds. Being public is not a cakewalk, but this fear also brings fortune along with it in case if you are able to overcome it.

Fear has gagged us so overwhelmingly that it is very difficult to unfetter yourself from its grip. For me breaking this sense of apprehension has not been easier either – it took my money, my time, and even my demeanor to accomplish what I wanted so desperately. But, after all it is my desperation which gave me company to overcome it.

For a newbie like me it was a benediction to be born in a country where written and printed English materials can be bought at the cheapest price compared to the rest part of the world; not to mention, though there might be some exceptions. Ten years ago when I started my own home-grown learning library for English literature, it was just merely NRS (Nepalese Rupees) 2, for a copy of national daily newspaper. Classic novels and story books from “Wordsworth Classic” use to cost hardly NRS 100. I still have my first “Wordsworth Classic” by O. Henry containing 100 best stories which I finished in 20 days, 2006 democratic movement of Nepal.

One of my friends had ever commented on my way of reading novels with a dictionary by my side. He said, “You are killing the charm of reading novel by your dictionary by your side”. And, I can’t discount that he was wrong. Yeah, people should be reading novels in park, during traveling, on airport while they are on transit to kill time, while they are on vacation on sea beach or during trekking, but at least not on the study table with table lamp on. But, again, that is how you are going to learn language, literature and be able to comprehend the theme and meaning of the real matter – specially when English is not your first language, and there is no shame in doing that. After all, no body is “Mr. Know All” right from the beginning of their birth.

But, these days it is much easier to find contents online on internet. You don’t have struggle to find books, newspaper articles and stories by visiting libraries. I think, internet is the best possible way these days to hone your skills online – you just need to grid yourself to internet and there you go.

So, basically, there are just few steps you have to follow: overcome your fear, subdue your ego, grid yourself to internet, and express whatever you feel, learn doesn’t matter how crude it appears in the beginning – after all, that is how you are going to learn. Take my words: “If you don’t express, you will never learn!!”



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