In the hands of adversity

When you have the tools to pen down your thoughts, ideas and imaginations of fantasies you are short of words, phrase and idioms to shape it. But, when you have whole bunch of ideas and creativities flowing through your mind you are far from your tools. This is what happening in my context.

I am missing my computer clattering keyboard most of the time – specially when I am overwhelmed with school of thoughts rambling in my mind and its all because my laptop has turned out of be a portable desktop due to worn-out battery backup strength. So, finally, I thought of coming down and getting befriended with my haplessness rather than being a mutineer to it.

Sometimes, I think we Nepalese are more resilient in our creativity and our nature of acclimatization with uninvited impending difficult situations which often come as a surprise. And, the political impasses and unending and protracting deadlines for the promulgation of constitution of Nepal is the best example to cite as of now.

It is not long gone that we have come out of civil war in Nepal and, therefore, the entire milieu is in total disarray, confused and kind of havoc. But, we have that charisma and the flowing resilience racing through our veins. We are still surviving hundreds of basic human rights cuts. We are still escalating in the hands of adversity, and this is really something to be acknowledged with whole-heart and getting praised for.

Even after this much of turbulence we are going through, I feel proud to point out the fact that Nepal has not lost its position in overall development and more particularly in tourism sector which is one of the standing pillar to country’s economic next to remittance which is holding Nepal from vacillating from its position.

We, the young generation of Nepal are still optimistic that we will come out of this quagmire doesn’t matter what’s going on in Nepal’s polity. We are entering into a new phase which can better be termed as “Brain-drain to Brain-gain” system – a theme which has primarily been used by Biotechnology Society of Nepal (BSN) in its seminars and conferences.

Biotechnology Society of Nepal (BSN), Research Institute for Biosciences and Biotechnology (RIBB), Genesis International, Everest Biotech, Intrepid Nepal are some of the shining examples to name which have graduates from international as well as National graduates.

Nepal which is sandwiched between two giant fostering states (India and China) seems to be another glittering little stone in between the boulders. Nepal is one of those fostering countries which even battered by several stymies – political and social, which is still escalating when it comes to maternal health and child care, education and the world of mass media and communication. And, I feel proud to flaunt that our country is engaged in generating more than 2000 potential medical graduates every year – a big-leap on the health sector.

Our School Leaving Certificate (SLC) board examination which is the landmark of national system of education is still doing great with approximately 547,165 total examinees appearing for this year board exam. And, our government even with its hobbling feet is supporting it with its total investment for year 2013 amounting to NRS 280 million. This is really something to wow for when the total examination centers are 1786, 1786 superintendents, 21, 890 assistant superintendents and 19,860 security personals being mobilized to give it a successful completion.

Wish, Nepal will always rise and shine just like this even in the time of adversities.


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