Our myopic vision, and hazy terminology

You know what?! The most hilarious thing I could ever hear about Nepal and such other countries which are clearly on total halt and stalemate in every sectors is still being called a developing country. I think either we are twisting the meaning of “developing country” or else we are on the verge of showing ourself something we don’t really deserve by using some ambiguous nonsense terms.

There is a proverb in our society, which says like this, “Aafno aang ko bhaisi nadekhne arkako aang ko jumra dekhne”. The meaning is: “Can’t spot a buffalo on your own back but can clearly see a louse on someone else’s.” The essence of this proverb is that we are becoming something we use to blame others for.

I think the definition of “developing country” has to be changed, and better be replaced with “under-developed-country”. I would better prefer being called a citizen of “under-developed-country” rather than being called a citizen of “developing country”. Don’t  you agree that it is embarrassing to be called something you are not? —  just like another Nepali proverb “jun goru ko singh chhaina tesko naam tikhe”. Meaning: “The name of bull is horny, who doesn’t have horns.”

If you want a clear definition about “developing country” you should better be travelling the world and see how other countries are doing or at least get updated on the internet, because after all “Professor Google” knows everything you need to know and he will direct you to the right information database.

Most saddening thing is that we are engaged in playing blame-game. Lower staff members are blaming their senior, seniors are blaming administration, administration, organization and offices are blaming government and government is blaming citizens. Either one way or another, it is finally dumping back on us. And, thus, finally we are not getting anywhere and of course not any time soon.

Honestly, we are boasting of something that we should not be for as long as a half-a-century or even more than a century old story and history. Gorkha this, Gorkha that………… Mount Everest, Nature, second largest country in the world in terms of water resources, “chaar jaat chhatis barna ko sajha phulbari”; meaning: “A common garden of 4 casts and 36 colors” which represents our entire community in Nepal – persons from all ethnical background, creed and cast. Gorkhas are long gone and they handed over their responsibility to us, and now see what we have done to their believes – we are still using their believes, their names as our poker chips. Are you still going to use those terms and names and play poker chips and do nothing? What do you think; how long this world is going to buy it like this?

Everything is lost, and if not now, it is going to be soon if things going on right now for over 15 years will not stop. There should be a big full stop now, or else better prepare for the evolution of new Nepal which will of course be a new Nepal, but no body says what kind of Nepal. We were so much elated for being converted from a monarchy state to republican state, but I think we jumped too much out of joy without putting too much attention on the meaning of new Nepal and what does that actually mean.

People say that, “Changes are for good”. Yes, of course! But, not all changes are good. And, if you think that all changes are for good, then I must say that you have a very myopic vision pertaining to things going on around you. Tell me a pessimist – might be!, which I am also not quite sure of because of the things I have seen in this last 10 or 15 years now.

Let me share a story with you about our conversation with friends when we were in bachelor. We are the second batch of “Biotechnology” graduates from Kathmandu University and also from Nepal. Most of our graduates and our seniors started this course with a vision – a vision that something is going to change in next 4 years down the line. Don’t’ get confused. When I say, “A clear vision” – it doesn’t mean getting a higher degree thereafter from a foreign university – that is not apparently a clear vision. A clear vision defines the fact that you are going to do in near future and how you are going to use your knowledge and skill you have gained. How are you going to get paid once you have spent what you already had?, and so on.

Once we were having some serious conversation, and I asked my friend, “What are we actually going to do after this?” And, one of them replied, “Don’t worry, something will changed after 4 years”. I think he was right to some extent because I am seeing some change. Still another hazy term just like “New Nepal” – change, but who knew this kind of change!

The fact is we are habituated to using some hazy terms and it has become part of our life. Advertently or inadvertently we are using it and now even our life has become hazy in a sense. Again, this is sounding pessimistic! Right?! We don’t have a clear cut answer to any questions in our life. In more polite sense, we have become diplomatic without having diplomatic or political background.

Our myopic vision is killing us and we are giving it a chance – not once, not twice, but it seems unceasing! It’s time to give it a break.


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