The Irony of Study-life

After a big break, finally, I got to write something on my blog today. Now, finally, it’s time to give this blogging a continuation that it deserves. The reason for this break was my final exam (masters thesis defense). So, basically, it is finally over after a long arduous journey of ups-and-downs.

I don’t know whether I enjoyed my study or not – I guess, not that much, at least during the whole study period. But, finally, when its over, I feel like I somehow enjoyed it. But, this vibe is coming just now – I had never experienced this kind of positive vibe since I started my lab, which was really pestering.

I don’t know how long people take to finish their masters degree, but I feel like I took longer than anyone; however, it is still average duration in Mahidol University, Thailand.

You know what? The biggest irony of study-life it feels as if it has been dumped on us as a curse, and thus the journey becomes even harder because it is always tainted with the negativity.

While I was student, I use to feel that rest of those who do not have study, they are more blessed than me, because at least they don’t have to worry for exam and for their grades. They just have work that they have to finish which can be negotiable in terms of deadline to finish every time they are assigned some task or even for their regular work. And, for that they are getting paid nicely. But, now, I have started to feel that it is other way round.

Life is not always a bed of roses neither does it is challenge. Its just some regular pattern which is filled with certain maze. We have to figure out the pattern and match it. The one who can understand the maze, they will pass the test or else they will lead to some weird path. However, there is always a route to come back to the normal way – after all, it’s a maze.

Every time we start something or given a task, we feel that it is the biggest and nothing can be bigger than this, but once we cross that stage, there comes a even tougher situation where you again have to get engaged in performing and solving the problem.

So, it is better to start thinking that what we have now to finish is easier than the one that is coming next!



6 thoughts on “The Irony of Study-life

    1. Wish you all the best buddy. You can do it. It’s just a one time show in our life. So, just go for it and do it with your full passion and enthusiasm. My wishes are with you. Somebody ever told me that we spent lots of money and time for something that we need for just a period of time, but study is something that you can use it for your whole life. So, take it as a fun and blessing. With that it will be more fun. 😉

  1. Congratulations Raju on finishing your degree! I like everything you have put in here. And yes, education, when all else fades, is something that still retains for a lifetime. Besides, survival of living depends on how much knowledge you have. 🙂 Have a good day!

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