Human Right–A Joke

There is a dictum which says, “Judges and politicians kill with impunity”. In fact, this is a Russian proverb. Though, I am not a Russian culture fan – in fact, not a fan of any particular culture or religion — I just found it while I was looking for some issues and reports on severe human right violence in the world’s context.

UN data on human right shows that there are more than 20 countries which are reeling under the internal conflict, some of which are categorized in a “low-risk-conflict” while some are categorized in “high-risk-conflict” depending on the seriousness of the issue and how long the country is dragged into the unresolved conflict cases, number of people killed during that period and the number of displaced  people (internally or have become refugees).

International Criminal Court data shows that there are more than between 6.5 million to 8.5 millions people who have lost their life in these conflicts. And, obviously, the majority of people are the innocent people who doesn’t have anything to do with the politics, political gains and whatever political issues that have enraged this dire conflicting environment around the world.

Although the Government of Nepal and the CPN Maoists made commitment in the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) signed on November 22, 2006 in making the whereabouts of the disappeared people public, that has not been implemented yet. The information on whereabouts of more than 900 people who were enforced-disappearances are still unknown. All the agreement made and duly signed in November 22, 2006 were never materialized and those words remained confined to the papers of agreement – that never crossed that date (November 22, 2006).

Majority of people of Nepal even don’t know when the peace agreement were formulated and when those were reached to mutual consensus to give it a successful conclusion. And, the reason is simple – NO BODY CARES — what goes around and comes around. The only thing they know is how to survive and how to blabber unequivocally in front of people in mass gathering: either it be a party, a small coterie of people in a cubicle in office,  in some market junction, in a cafeteria or in thatched a tea-shop in some countryside . We all can talk, and that’s for sure!

Because of their (Nepalese politicians) insular thought, it seems virtually impossible that there ever will be a new constitution of Nepal. The fact is, if something has to happen, it might shows some sign of progress. But, Nepal’s context, it showing a downward progress – it has always shown a route of upheaval.

Nepal  is in en route to joining other 101 countries where people and prisoners are ill-treated and the 91 countries where torture is at its zenith.  The fresh and extreme two examples are the appointment of Agni Sapkota in cabinet and amnesty of Maoists lawmaker Bal Krishna Dhungel in his involvement in the case of  murder charge  of Ujjan Kumar Shrestha of Okhaldhunga. He was acquitted from the murder charges siting that it was party’s decision because the later one as spying for the then Nepal government’s security officials.

Human right has just remained as a joke for those who are waiting for their turn to hear the justice in their favor, and there is nothing much International Human Right Watch dogs can do to persuade government of any country for brining the perpetrators to justice. More than 5-years has already passed since the governing authorities of Nepal reached to a consensus for promulgating the new constitution to Nepal. But, since then, they have been stuck in some kind of calculated bewilderment, and now, finally, it is frustrating the general public.

It appears as if the Human Right Organization is just a harbor for more money and revenue for something they do not have to do anything – just collecting data from around the world and reporting on what’s going on. Updating their data server is what remains as the only primary job of the Human Right Organization.

Very sad!


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