The Stifled Progress

I am not sure about the exact date and time, but it has certainly been more than 15-years and counting since we lost our old nice peace loving country and entered into a debacle of history of Nepal that we had never seen before. And, what was that for? For rebuilding Nepal, that was for making Nepal for everyone –- a dream country – or so called a “Kingdom of Heaven” – with a vision that we all will be treated equally, there would not be any kind of suppression and oppression against any minority group and community – in fact, to meet all the demands of the poor people of Nepal – a kind of ideal life with dignity.

More than 15-years have been passed and what we have got in return is: more suppression and oppression, more maim, more violence, more loss of life in the name of finding rights. The question is, “Is this what we had ever longed for?, Is this what we really deserve for being honest, humble and gracious, kind and peace loving?, Is this what we had ever dreamt of?”. The fact is we have lost of honesty, our composure, our humanity – whatever we ever had which we use to boast with – “The nation of peace – Nepal – has marred into a havoc where no one has control over what is going on. The only option left is to protect your life, your family’s life and your property you have.

Over 15000 people have lots their life, thousands got internally-displaced, and there is still no record of hundreds of those who are missing. Who is going to find those answers for our history? Really hard to believe that out of millions of son’s of Nepal, no one seems responsible to give it a final conclusion, no one is ready to stand for her and give it a pleasant ending. All those brave sons of Nepal which is known to be a honest sons of Nepal and is still being praised for being honest and unequivocal mettle (Gorkhali soldiers) are good for nothing, finally. What is the use of pontificating that we are the sons of great-gorkhas when we can’t even protect our own motherland?

The rising incidence of murder, extortion, kidnapping, rape doesn’t shows any sign of abating. No one seems responsible for what is going on. There is virtually no control over the system, the rules governing the system. We have been saying that, “We should not forget that we are all law-abiding-citizen”. Absolutely! But, what matters here and now is that it has just been confined to the papers and have ended up in some corner of the administrative office and control division that no body cares of even know that it still even exist.

More than 600 goons are sitting in our parliament and languishing in their cozy individual cubicles. That’s what they fought for! They showed us the dream of a heavenly state which turned out to be a hinterland. All those rebel forces of Maoists have same  rue to vent – “We trusted them (the Maoists political leaders) with our life, but we have been bilked – we never realized that the process of evolution takes time, nothing is going to change overnight, but we were so inane to even think about it.” Finally, what we got is this (Rs.200, 0000)!! All those PLA-fighters have the same question to ask, “Is this (Rs.200,000) is what we deserve from all this 15-years of insurgency? But, nobody seems to pay their heed to their plea.

The chances of recovery is very slim in case of Nepal as it has been infected with a deadly virus of ethnicity. Unfortunately, however we try to parry the inevitability and to get away from the reality, the truth is that we are going down under this quagmire of ethnicity. It has so deeply rooted itself within this one decade of time that it hardly seems to getting back to normalcy.  And, sadly enough, everyone of us seems stoic and stolid to this situation – with few exceptions that we have been continually been updating our Facebook and Twitter status showing how saddened we are and how desperately we need our normal life back in our home (Nepal) – which is insignificant and untouchable in any manner.

God bless Nepal and we Nepalese!


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