Dear Alchemist,

Dear Paulo Coelho, would it be a nice of me to designate you as “Sir” or would it be a disgrace when I call you “Sir”. I have no idea with what designation I should be recalling you, citing you and adoring you. After much brainstorming, I find myself ending with this short piece of word which sounds to me profound to designate your name with because of what you have left in me with your book, as a reader. But, apart from that bewilderment, I never had to cogitate twice to pronounce your name and I had therefore taken this chance to call you our “Alchemist”.

So, dear Alchemist, I know you don’t know me – that is quite obvious and understandable. You might have millions of readers and thousands of followers or even more who might be just like you or might just want to follow you to achieve at least even a motley of what you have done and achieved so far.

By now, you might have already understood, that I am one of your millions of readers but I am not sure whether I fall in those thousands category who are your followers. I do not say that I am a writer, because writing few words and few paragraph doesn’t make anybody a writer and it would be inane to say that even without starting anything significant. I am not even saying that I am an avid reader, but I can assure at least that I am an avid reader of your books, but a mediocre reader of else.

Out of your all master pieces, “Eleven Minutes” is the one that I read first completely unknown to your image and your contribution in the literary world. Soon after finishing that book, I was already following you and that had left in me an immense impact of your writing ability and your folkloric ability which is found in just countable from those thousands of writer.

Your dictum, your ideas and your philosophy has left me with no choice than to select your another masterpiece and start reading it right away. This book has been proved to be a major turning point in thousands of readers who have taken it literally and now they are something that they had never imagined they will ever be. They have gained power in themselves and enlightenment to achieve the one that use to be thought as impossible.

I have got just one lesson from your this book (THE ALCHEMIST). We should not give up because of fear, and we should not lose our hope for achieving the best. If we want to achieve our dreams, our destination, we must overcome our fear at the first place because just as you said, “Fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself”.

I have no words to say, but to thank you for your masterful and profound enlightenment in real life.


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