Pedagogy and Brain

The world has changed quite a bit more, and so does our life style and the way we use to do things, to something more tangible and more perceptible in a way. Over time we have become more sophisticated, more learned, and more practical in our things. The way we use to handle things have been changed to something we never ever dreamt of. The more important issue here is the art-of-teaching or in one simple word we can say, “Pedagogy” – this is what that makes real sense than to protracting it like a rubber. In dictionary meaning, it is called “teaching methodology”.

Since the beginning of my writing blogs, I have been more engaged in discussing things particularly on two things: first, technology which has always been one part of my fascination which keeps me glued to it, and secondly, the politics and ongoing changes which has been fettered with the political influence and interference. Interestingly, these both things bothers me at some point of time, which is why the idiom: “Excess of anything is bad!” applies quite logically in the instances like these.

Over the time, technology has developed with leaps and bounds and so has the trend of pedagogy. But, the difficult part of this puzzle is on demystifying this issue on whether we have really developed and also whether technology has helped us through this acclivity to this level, is still there. In fact, what I personally believe is that we have unwittingly become the slaves of the technical era. The thing is we are just like handicapped when it comes to even calculating simple things without getting our hands on our computer or calculator.

Because of our dependency on computer and other gadgets we have become so unyielding in our intellect that we can’t even do simple computing – simply, enough, we have forgot the simple method of multiplication we use to study in our primary school. Calculator and computer for computing mathematical equations and calculations, computer for checking spelling mistakes and vocabulary – everything has changed over time. Though, these technologies have made our work smoother, I feel like if everything would be doomed all of a sudden, I think there won’t be any creature on this earth as pathetic as human beings and its all because of the dependency we have cultivated in ourself.

Till high school students in our country (Nepal) are not allowed to use calculator – not even in the board exam and even that is strictly prohibited. And, in case, if somebody is find using calculator in their board exam, they are simply liable for restriction from that particular subject exam or even for other further exams – leaving no choice for the student than to wait for another one year, and even more worse that they will be labeled for ever in their life time as the student who have been restricted once in the board exam – which is really really very fetal for the carrier ahead, though, not a completely the only last determining factor for being eligible for things ahead.

Dependency on technology has barred us from using our mental agility. Our brain needs exercise just like our body. Restricting using our brain will make it numb over time. Putting our brain under stress of learning more , grabbing more, understanding more, using logical ideas and solving difficult problems without any dependency on technological things, solving mathematical problems is just like a marathon for Olympics, a study shows. Which means, the more we use it, the better it becomes gradually over time. It’s like generating stamina to its root.

The pedagogy of chalk-and-talk method have gone and forgotten, though still used in some remote districts of Nepal, and we have migrated from over-head-projector to slide-method and PowerPoint study. In fact, we all know that chalk-and-talk method is the best way of teaching, not just because it will help student to learn better and understand better, but because it will also help teacher and tutors to prepare themselves better before coming to class. The good part of chalk-and-talk method is that the process goes slowly and it is more extensive then the slide-based method. One reason is that in slide-based method we are restricted in our thoughts and ideas in explaining things because we see what is coming next which prevents us from thinking and elaborating the one we are discussing right at that moment. While in case of chalk-and-talk method, the process goes bit slower, as a result even the students who are slower in grasping things will understand things better before the tutor proceeds to the next topic.

These days our study is not determined what we understand and grab from our class and by the time we finish our exams, unlike in past, but it is rather being judged by the time. Time is the limiting factor now!This is not about whining what we have incorporated, nor does it mean that we should completely abhor it and stop using the technology completely. I think that will not definitely be a good idea in this competitive world, but we can definitely curb using technology, and using our brain more on the things than using technology, if we can and if it feasible. Because the changing trend of pedagogy is good for a university, college, school and institutes as a whole in their overall development, but at last we are being victimized of this system – our brain, our agility is going downhill. At least somebody have to sacrifice for the development and to reach the apex of development in competitive world!

Think about it!






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