Pornography, Social Media and the Society

In today’s context, the world is truly changing in every front including our social status, our achievements, quality of life, education, health sector (most importantly the millennium development goal Nepal has unprecedentedly achieved), technology and communication and our perspective and perception towards things – specially the one which use to be considered a social taboo (sex, pornography, sexuality and things connected to it), and in most part it is still considered when it comes to Asian and Middle-East countries.

The big question today is, “Whether have we really developed in terms of our thinking perspective and way of visualizing things it has to be or is it just in some twisted form?”, “Have we really become pragmatic in our views, ideas and our morality or have we just incorporated the things of so called western society and western world?” In fact, it is difficult to answer and it might take ages before we find the real answers to these questions. And, this is not because it is really difficult to find, but because we have not really developed that level of so called sophistication in our thinking ability, agility to perceive things that easily – in fact, overtime, we have become more hidebound, sulking in our attitude and our thinking and insular in our thoughts, but sadly enough we are still pretending that we have changed and we are in the process of evolution.

I have just come across a debate program in NDTV ( which talked about our morality as a human being, and whether or not it is fair to be called things we see today in the sexual world as nudity and porn – or in a simple meaning – defining PORNOGRAHY. What I finally figured out from the program by the time I finished listening to debate was that the perception of general public regarding sex, profanity and vulgarity is still hazy and it is really difficult to make a demarcation line which is infinitesimally thin when it comes to defining the nudity, pornography, porn and finally implementing law against to limit the context and content.

Though, across the world countries are trying to limit the use and access to the profane websites, it’s the internet in itself which is making it hard for them to get control over the content on the web. The thing is, it is limitless and secondly it is the most lucrative business in the world surpassing any business net profit leaving it the best business in the world garnering the highest net profit. This has become even more dangerous and deleterious than the drug itself – the reason is it is more easily accessible. And this has become one of the mental-addictions of the current generation and the generation to come.

It is really commendable the way Nepal has developed in IT and communication sector in this last decade. Today, our country (Nepal) is buckling up to thwart the use of internet for these things and strengthening the laws against it to create a moral society. But, the measures taken is still not enough to tap these things – it has just proved to be futile and unyielding. When we search something on the Google, we all will not get the same results (If you want to try your hands then convene in a place with your friends with different internet and different computer or mobile devices and try to find it) – the reason is Google provides us the information based on what we have searched over time; depending on our track record it has heaped over time – IT-engineers term it has a search-bubble. The Google makes individual search-bubble on those records, so that whenever we try to find something it will always provide us with the information which we always care about on our preference basis.

This is the general concept, and I guess the world knows about it as the internet and technology has become customary for our society today, and I also don’t think that Nepal’s Ministry of Communication and Technology is filled with goons. So, then on what basis Nepal’s Ministry of Information and Communication had blocked just 150 of those prone sites on internet in 2010? I think, there is just some kind of mistake or might be a communication gap  that has lead to this information. Whatever it be, finally, the measures government has taken is simply not enough and now they are going for some other alternative ways to tackle this problem through awareness program, fines for misusing computer and internet to pass profanity, misusing computer for destroying the database and information in some other computer, getting access to information through hacking and so on.

We all know that we can’t even imagine today’s world without internet, but limiting its use has just simply become a major serious problem today for the world. Got to be serious about it now or else we will have a completely skewed society in the days to come.



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