Are We Really Happy Today?

This question is as interesting as it is pestering, and we all know this very well. There are lots of questions like these which is still  unanswered and will be in years to come. This question, in a way, is just like questioning, “What came first? – Egg or Chicken?” So, in some sense, questions like these are called pestering question that will never have any concrete answer which can satisfactorily quench the query.

Apart from my research questions which is innumerable to count and which will takes years to find the answer, this question has always been reeling in my mind ever since I lost my sense of serenity and acquired an ambition to achieve – some of which has of course been mine and still is, while some are those that I have to find for someone else (family and friends). Our life is divided into combustible chambers of a rocket – our childhood, adolescent, maturation and old age. Every chambers of our life rocket is as important as it is to a rocket to propel it to move forward. Even a single glitch or failure in some intricacies will lead to complete downfall without giving us a single ray of hope to rise again.

In the above paragraph, I said, “……since I lost my sense of serenity and acquired an ambition to achieve……” which means in our adolescent age we start losing our mental serenity and this is the part from where the real combustion beings. Feeling unhappy or momentary happy is the part of this combustion process where when the heat is less, we feel happy, but apart from that we are unhappy. Most of our life is engrossed with this fact – believe it or not – but this is the fact. If you doubt, look back and try to visualize and ask yourself, “Why have I never stopped for a while to take a sigh of rest?”, “Why I am running like somebody is distributing something for free and I have to preempt and get it?”.

The most saddening thing is that we will never attain a ultimate peace of mind, we can never be happy if we keep on living the way we are. Just take for example: Once a child is born the parents start thinking of their health – they grow up, their health becomes fine then they start thinking of their study and to keep them consistently in the right track so that they will take a right course in their life once they will be left on their own. Once they take the right course, the parents starts thinking of their marriage (In this case, it is in terms of South Asian countries) – once their marriage life is well, they wanted to be known as a grandparents of a good kids and the process goes on. In our case, once we finish our school we start thinking of college, then subjects to choose which will lead us to some lucrative job perspective, then job, then money and then comes other accessories things.

When we get something for which we have been running, we are happy for a moment which has the shortest lifespan on earth and then we start thinking of the next level – in fact this chain of process never ends and we kept on running till the time comes when we are left with no other option then going to our moribund. So, what the heck? – what’s the meaning of running? – we never stopped for a while to relish the fruit of our perseverance and achievement . This might be a bit pessimistic opinion. But, in another way it is good. Good in a sense that we are busy with our work so that we never get time to think of anything evil – because there is an old saying which we use to read in our elementary school: “An Empty Mind is a Devil’s Workshop”, “Work is Worship” and things like that.

But, after all, the balance of HAPPINESS AND SADNESS is still not even and it is very difficult to find why. It is difficult to decipher the code of God and to find out why this world is so uneven when it comes to maintaining the equality. But, at the same time it is hard to believe that GOD CAN BE PARTIAL. In this case, we still have to believe that we are living in a even society of God where everything is fair and equal – however, it is difficult to believe, we have to believe if we are even a bit theist.

However stark it sounds, I have got just one thing to say, “Stay Happy, feel happy and be happy” – this is the only way to achieve what you want to. Perseverance is the best choice we are left in our life to deal with life. Be as supple as you can otherwise it is very hard to break even with a gust of wind sometimes – just like a dry branch of a tree.

All the best to all of you whoever have just finished reading this!!


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