Hard to believe

This blog might somehow appear to be controversial to my earlier one, but in fact both are true. The only difference between these two posts is that this one is in broader perspective.

Soon after Nepal government reached to a decision of providing 20 million rupees to the mount Everest summiting team of Maoist’s commander son Prakash, the waves of belligerent words, diatribe and criticism flooded the internet – specially in the social networking site Facebook.  The words of discontentment and dissatisfaction has fuelled the fire of debate and the already ongoing controversies which is quite normal for the Nepal’s Maoists. I think Maoists might be thinking that, “Let these fools spent their time in vain – their agitations doesn’t mean anything to us neither will they affect us in anyway in near future”.

This is really hard to believe how stoic and stolid we have become over time. Nothing seems vacillating we Nepalese. Everything is okay for us. Whether it be a long hours of load-shedding and increasing over time, either be our kitchen short of cooking gas, or be it a vehicle without fuel – everything is simply okay and we never seems bothering about those things. In fact, we are so foolishly wise that we always have a plan B in our mind or even if it doesn’t exist, we are adroit in making an impromptu decision or find a way out.

Second thing about us it that we are very fond of talking,  and of course because of that very reason we are very gregarious. You want to give it a try? – just accost to some Nepali guy or a girl and see what have they to present you with! I bet, you will simply get awake to becoming familiar with one!  But, sadly enough we all have now evolved though evolution and now talking has become part of our gene – everyone is talking – I am talking right here writing this long piece of lecturing material and of course Nepalese like me are all talking and this is the first thing you will notice once you will land in Nepal. It seems like everyone have a basic knowledge or more than what they really needs about the politics of Nepal. Just stand in a small group of guys, you will find how interesting the talks goes on.

Because of our height of tolerance which we have developed unprecedentedly, the bad politicians are enjoying the fruits of power. Those who were uneducated who can barely write their names with their hands and use to get involved in organized crimes through out Nepal ten years back have now become the heroes of our country. And, now the crime is even more organized. It is organized in the sense that you will not see any policemen involved in any form of confrontation while maintain law and order in the country. As a result, it appears as if everything is okay, and the security is perfect in the country. In fact, who would like to jeopardize their life in vain even when they are getting bread-and-butter sitting in their cozy couch in their drawing-room watching movies and serials in their plasma-television?

You can guess how disturbed you can be when you will see two different conflicting news on the same front page of the national daily – one news about the son of a powerful politician (who is powerful because of us, otherwise, he is just a nonentity as some other general citizen) getting more than 20 million rupees for summiting mount Everest and another is the news about a family who is on the verge of collapse – whose entire property is on auction because of drowning in the debt of the bank for not being able to pay the iota of money (200,000 rupees compared to 20 million) her family got from bank for the treatment of her son who was born with the persisting problem of hydrocephalus (A medical condition of retention of cerebrospinal fluid in brain – “Water in Brain”).  Nepal is one of those poor country in the world where the chasm of differentiation between rich and poor doesn’t seems coming down anytime soon which is sky-high different when compared.

The excuse of getting that hefty sum of money is that he is summiting the mount Everest for the peace and prosperity of the country. I don’t understand how is it going to provide the peace, stability and security in the country – I don’t think it is some kind of magic which will have some kind of weird effect on the country’s situation. I don’t also understand that how can this be feasible for the government of Nepal for not being able to cut-down even taxes for the world cyclist Puskar Shah when he finally decided to ascend mount Everest after cycling round the world, but now the government of Nepal is able to provide 20 million rupees for this idiot son of Mr. Puspa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) who is good for nothing who haven’t yet contributed for anything inside or outside Nepal in favor of country and nor does he have yet been able to acquire anything by his will, ability and talent.

It is very hard to believe the working strategy, framework and hierarchy of the government of Nepal and how it has been functioning all these years and still going on lurking if not on the fast-track.


3 thoughts on “Hard to believe

  1. Very well expressed. Climbing the mountain won’t create magical peace etc, no. You’d have to be deluded to imagine it would contribute in any way at all. I am sorry for this waste. Hope you are okay expressing these things – not at risk.

    Cheers, N’n.

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