Nepal’s Movie Mania

When we talk about the history of Nepali movies, we see that it doesn’t have a long history compared to other international media giants. However, it has somehow been able to develop itself overtime and have left its footprint during this course.  To count few: “Darpan Chhaiya”, “Sano Sansar”, “Kaag Beni”, “Caravan” are few of those that are considered as the milestones of Nepali movie. And, it is not surprising that Nepali movies have paved it way towards the nomination for few Oscar Awards occasionally as well, which is in itself something we should be proud of.

I am writing this in response to the Nepali news media that has galvanized the entire reels of the television in this last couple of weeks since the release of the movie “Loot”. Even before the release of the movie, I had watched its promo which has gravitated me so intensely that since then it had been in one of my watch-list. The fact is, this movie has turned down all the negativities about the quality of Nepali movies and the desirable taste of the Nepali viewers. Soon after the movie hit the theaters, it has been virtually impossible for the entertainment houses to meet the demands of the tickets for the shows. This signifies the fact that there is still some hope left when it comes to future of Nepali movie, and the potentiality of the industry in attracting Nepali audiences and viewers – who have veered their attention and their proclivity towards Chinese, Hollywood, South Korean or some foreign movies.

People these days wants something different. The audiences have been blasé of watching same genera of movies. There had been a year or two, some 8 years back when there used to have different genera of movies being produced from the same industry that had somehow managed to drag the industry to a descent financial level and credibility. But, after that grass didn’t seemed greener further till there was the release of the movie “Darpan Chhaya” which was a mega-hit of that time and I guess there might had hardly been someone who had not watched that movie.

The changing trend of making movies have flared hopes in the Kollywood (not to get confused with the name of the Chennai based South Indian movie industry which is also called Kollywood”). Nepali movies have been dominated by love-and-action kind of movies, but what lacks is the lust attached which is an indispensable part of the love-story kind of movies. The image of Hollywood movies have left audiences to wander and lounge for something real, something pragmatic and ethereal intricacies that can hoist the story of the movie  and make it distinguishable and shine in the mass of hundreds of movies produced every year. And the movies coming these days seems breaking those rules of monotonous stories. In this changing trend of the Nepali movies, “Chapali Height” seems more auspicious which is set to break the sex-taboo of Nepali culture and society.

The movie “Chapali Height” has been certified as “A” by the censor board of Nepal.


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