A Bad Hair Day!

The recent news on SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) might have affected somehow everyone this time. The reason why this world got panicked was the way it had been devised, and the principle on which it was based. In one short simple word, the nature and the principle on which SOPA was based suggested to stop sharing things. It was the first thing of this nature which was totally against the law of internet which people have made and used and helped to revolutionized  in internet history. When the world is opening themselves by sharing things, it was a kind of moving summon to move back to the old world. In fact, this is not about SOPA, because if you want to know more about SOPA, I know you will be preferring to enter into WIKIPEDIA rather than my kind of trinket blog. So, lets veer here and look into different aspect of this blog.

Everybody have their own way of taking things and that’s what is also applied to blog or some form of journal. Some take it to share their things, their ideas in different forms: music, picture, stories, poems. Whatever it is, it is quite sure that we all enjoy to share and this is even more evident when it comes to writing on your blog or your own website, which I consider it as one of the most open way of sharing things on internet. And for this reason internet has to be free. Thank god, finally, it is free and the SOPA was pulled back for infinity till they will reach to some kind of mutual agreement, common sets of rules or say a mutual goal, and make it more meaningful than to just shut all the doors and windows of creativity.

This might be my one of the most delayed blog after my last one which I posted on January 16, 2012. Today is almost a week or about to be, and I felt that I should at least put something on my blog to give it a continuation. Nonetheless, it sounds little bit lame and insincere. However, as I had ever said to my blog sometimes we have to break our own rules to survive, though it doesn’t really literally mean that in this context – this is just to fortify my statement and underscore the fact I am trying to say.

I do not want to make an excuse for the delay caused, but the fact is, I have been busy lately doing my lab work and it has been a very hard time for me to fix the problem. And the saddest thing is that I do not know the matrix of the problem. In fact, I had already optimized my reaction a week ago or so and I was quite elated when it made it, but once I started to continue with my sample everything went upside down. When we encounter such problems in lab, we often try to appease ourself saying that “dude, this is science and it always have some form of exceptions and nothing goes robotic and swimmingly”. I do not really use to believe this, but now I am getting some vibes something like that.

Apart from all these lab crap things I have been reading a novel: “Lone Survivor” by Marcus Luttrell. This has been another mind bogging job for me. In fact, people read novels for enjoyment, to pass their time and moreover to learn something from it – especially when you want to be some form of writer or if you have a passion for the literature things. But, this time, for me, this has turned out to be  form of job. The thing is, I have been reading this novel for nearly two months. When I say this, you guys might certainly be laughing at me. But, this is not my fault and not even yours. Yeah, who could even think of reading a novel for over a month? – doesn’t really sound good in anyway. Its just like being disrespectful towards literature and the passion for novels.

I think I should stop right here otherwise I guess, if I will keep on telling what I have been through in this last 3 months of time, I think I am not gonna finish it this time – at least not now, not today.




2 thoughts on “A Bad Hair Day!

  1. SOPA alarmed me when I heard about it… “who could even think of reading a novel for over a month?” I think I am on the same boat as you are. I have been trying to finish reading a novel for over a month now, partly because I feel like I have to. Good luck to us both in finishing the novels! 😀

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