A Letter to Dr. Wagle


Dear Dr. Wagle,

I have just come across your post: “KU’s forward move” dated January 16, 2012 in “The Himalayan Times”. And I must say that was a wonderful stuff I got to read after a long time. That was worth reading and I can fully comprehend that. After reading the post I am confused with few issues what you have put forward – which I have been accustomed to through out my life and even till now, which is not something surprising, and I have got few questions to ask you.

Before I should start with my queries and my points to get cleared, I want to make few things clear here. The thing is I am not writing you to discuss on this matter as my panel of balance is not tantamount to yours, and so, for that very reason I do not have that leeway to argue, discuss on this particular matter. I am not a politician and I do not have that understanding of even basic politics, but what I do understand is the basic sense of assimilating things in our daily life and putting into action. If it goes wrong or if it become aberrant in its nature and values, that’s what I believe might a politics – which is never straight forward and obviously not honest in manner in anyway.

I do not want to comment on which I am not quite sure of, but what I can guess from your tone of writing and your ideas is that you are trying to pour something personal irk here. You are trying to actuate the poor students and the staffs members of the KU community which is truly devastating in nature. Because as of nature of fact this will create a massive disorganization and anarchism in the institute which is by no means good for an organization and its integrity – which I believe as a member of KU organization you are trying to commit suicide. First thing first, because the person who is trying to create a rule of “divide and rule” will not be trusted by any other organization once they will have no platform to stand after the institute they are associated with once gets demolished. Every true leader of an organization loves their institute and they will by no means going to jeopardize it in the hands of few turncoats.

My understanding of Nepal is as a potters-clay which is slime and it has still not got its true shape before we are trying to cook it in the furnace. In another sense, Nepal is just a small plant from which everybody wants their share of branch for their use even before it is fully grown into a tree. How about trying to water it, mineral it and let it protect from the external environmental factors to let it grow as  big tree from which even chopping few branches will not make difference. But, in fact what we are doing here is trying to chop its branches when the tree itself needs its braches and leaves to become a perfect strong tree to give us shade later in our life. I am sad to know from your article that you are also in the same track as our dear leaders and members of parliament who can barely write their names, but still can travel in Pajero and get a salary far more than a real salary of most revered jobs positions in the world – doctors or engineers.

I am not writing this because I have got some ulterior motif hidden in myself, and I am not taking a position in favor or against somebody and I do not longue anything from this . What I am trying to explain here is what I have felt as my carrier as a student in that institute. A student’s the first and last expectation from an institute is that they should get a better and quality education and they wish that they will get return for what they pay and their tuition fee doesn’t go in vain. And, I guess almost all students have got that. So, its worthless to tickle them for your own benefit. Everybody knows that the only last person to get benefitted from this protest against the institute if erupted is you, and you are not going to make it a golden palace even after you get appointed to that  position. I don’t think that any students or working staffs there will be getting much benefitted in your command if in case you come to the position.

You know what is the problem of Nepal and we Nepalese here? We can’t see somebody progressing. Something starts biting us when we can’t do something by ourself. The only option we are left is to backbiting others, making gossips and trying to pull their feet somehow or if not then finally trying to create some obstacles in their way so that we can feel good. We do this to vent our frustrations out. This is a well established phenomena in our society. So, as a educator of the society, I think its your duty to mitigate these problems, educate the kids to not involve in the issues like this, and not to actuate them for something there are never meant to. Do not try to create another politician here. We have enough in our parliament to voice our wants and our demands – in fact, precisely there are almost 650 of them to speak in favor of us somehow – doesn’t matter how ignorant they are and how they come to escalate to that position.

Now my question is: Where have you been when Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma and his friends were struggling to give Nepal a good institute? For me, they do deserve to stick to the position for whatever tenure they want – in return for their sacrifice. Kathmandu University has more affiliations than any other institute in Nepal and this has been a kind of benediction to all staffs. I have seen every year there are staffs from every department who are getting benefitted from this institute – they are getting chances to continue their education, their research and their carriers ahead with training where they can’t afford to pay by themselves, and everybody knows that. I think you should come up with a good set of plans, ideas and some golden words that people will truly believe in you so that they can support your voice for you.

We have a bad habit of having read-made food. How about cooking ourself? Having food in restaurant might be delicious, but it can’t be as salubrious as cooked in our home. So think about cooking by yourself rather than having ready-made food. Think about it!!


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