Is She Less Beautiful than You?!


Usually I do not post pictures in my blogs and I consider my writings and my blogs posts as something more revered and I take it more seriously than anything else. I do not want to amalgamate it with something that doesn’t deserve its position in these writings or even a cubicle in any of the posts published here. However, this one is something different, and at this juncture I am obliged to break the rule, and honestly, I do not regret breaking my own rule sometimes when it weigh more meaning than my own principles. 

As I was surfing through the blogs I find in one of my subscribed blogs. I could not resist than to keep on looking at this little kid for long time. Finally, I downloaded it and try to write something on it. I was totally mesmerized, and after looking at this post for long time I was compelled to think, “What do we really think of ourself?”.

I do not have precise and concrete data on how many people are suffering in this world, how many of them are dying because  of lack of food and good nutrition, how many of them are deprived of education, good food, good habiliment. I think it will takes ages before I collect all those data and put them in writing – that doesn’t really make sense. Because that has already been done by thousands and millions of people, but nothing seems changing the existing tribulation scenario.

We have better habiliment, delicious food which we keep changing because we feel like the same food doesn’t taste good everyday, we have good education, but we grouse and whine for having terrible education, we have vehicles to travel and we don’t even consider walking for a while short distance. But for kids like these, they do not have slipper in their feet, but still they are happy in their village, they never complain not having a slipper and having to walk on the rocky hills and the boiling desert. The big question do we still think that we are smarter and better than them? – in fact, not. NOT REALLY!

We are vainglorious after having everything!

Those are the ones who are deprived of all those things we are enjoying today. Forget about internet, computer, good food, restaurants, good habiliment, still they are happier than us without having slipper in foot walking in rocky hills and boiling heat of desert, sharing things among themself whatever they have in their family. Sleeping in hard-rock-bed, walking miles to fetch drinking water, sleeping curling in small ragamuffin in the chilling nights, bathing without soap, having meal barely twice a day have become their life style. Surprisingly, they are the one who never grouse for anything and still happier than any one of us.

I think all those little deprived kids from penurious family are the one to have all those attitude of being vainglorious, but unfortunately its other way round — WE HAVE THE ATTITUDE! We do not have any of those things they have. They are stronger than us, they are smarter than us, they are wiser than us. Lacking opportunity doesn’t mean that they are good for nothing. In another word, kids from the suffering world is far more better than us. They know how to live a happy life even without having any of those things we have now. RESPECT WAIF AND STOP BEING VAINGLORIOUS!




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