Women of Afghanistan

Till today approximately 3000 coalition troops have lost their life since the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 – a war led by the US in response to the Taliban uprising in Afghanistan, and their growing influence in the middle east, Asia and else where in the world, which had been a biggest headache for civilized societies of the world – specially the western world. And, this number is still counting and mounting in the American history of war. God know how long this gonna prolong and the maim will continue to persist. 

Tens of thousands of civilians have lost their life since the Afghanistan invasion and the civilians have been the victims from both the sides (army and insurgents). The data shows that in the 3-month period between October 7, 2001 and January 1, 2002, at least 1,000-1,300 civilians were killed just because of the aerial bombing by the US. And if we amass the entire data counting the number of innocent deaths, you will realize that the data is really alarming and this has been one of the most significant humanitarian loss in the war after WW II. 

This is the rule of nature that we have to pay the price for everything. Every sunny morning has to pass through the darkest night, and we need to sacrifice one thing to get something better. We can’t have sweets in our both hands. This has been holding true to its meaning since long time ago – can be called hypothetically something like Precambrian Era. But slowly the things seems changing as we are developing: the number of war-casualties have been dropping and the authoritarian and barbarian act is taking the deep slope, which is in itself a kind of positive sign.

However the world-inside-our-world (Afghanistan) seems somewhat stoic and irresponsive in this sense. And, I think, its going to take some time before the things will be changing and this world-inside-the-world will be taking some new shape – a good shape of course and will sprint to match its steps with the other developing nations.

In every war, apart from the normal casualties which are inevitable, women suffers the most and so in the Afghanistan. The only thing different is that in other wars women used to get brutalized, mutilated, raped and were subjected to all forms of torchers from the enemy side, however, in case of Afghanistan this is completely opposite from what it seems from the last 10-years of history. They are still being brutalized by their own relatives and their kith and kins who use to take care them and protect them.

The news of women being treated inhuman is really disturbing. There have been number of news coming out everyday and there hasn’t been a single day in which the women has not been mentioned in the news specially from Afghanistan: from the story of 21-year-old Afghan women named Gulnaz who was raped by her own cousin’s husband, a 15 year old girl who had been celled in confinement by her own in-laws relatives to the story of an Afghan women who’s nose and ears were sliced off because of some reason. Everywhere and every time  its just the women who have to pay the price – even in the condition when it is not even justifiable in any sense.

These nerve chilling news of brutality against women seems unstoppable, since it has been continuing for long time and the rate is even increasing and this is now spreading across the boarder to Pakistan. The trend is taking shape in slower pace in Pakistan, while the world is still and watching senselessly. And, this is not going to change over night. I think even if we say, “Its going to take some time”, it will be so inane to say that, because this has just begun in violent manner and there is no sign of abate!!


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