Liberty Under Threat

When we talk about liberty, freedom, human right and people’s voice, the first thing that comes to our mind is America – United States of America (USA). That’s where its matrix lies, that’s where it all begun. This is what we have been believing and this is because US took seriously and has been able to maintain goals and objectivity. US has been able to hold on to its position in defending it for long time, and that is why it became its game-changer. However, when we scurry deep into the history we can find that there are still some countries in the world where the slavery system was abolished long before America ended its own.

US, the term itself has become a symbol and reflection of virtues like “The Country of Freedom and Dreams”, “Land of opportunities” and whatever terms that can signifies, adore, be its adjective that can be its addendum. This is all because US has been able to purchase her position. Because of this there has been a trend in the adolescent and the researchers, academicians from both developed and developing countries of the world ending up in US. The reason: they have a gateway to show their talent and try their lucks in whatever way they can.

The ideologies of American achievements and the dream world is so deeply engraved in the heart and minds of the people from around the world, that they started losing their faith in themselves, condescending themselves and started believing that there is just one world where we can achieve whatever we want and that is obviously US. In fact, to some extent is it true as well for there are reasons to believe. Whatever we see today has originated from US. In everyway Americans are perfect – kind of world of perfectionist.

But, now, the things seems little bit changing with a slow pace which might not be very significant. After the recession hit America in 2008, for example, everything started changing: there has been huge decline in the rate of students entering American college for pursuing their higher education, the research budget in many universities had been cut short overnight and the list follows. The recent American recession has been little bit apprehensive in a sense when we hear that unprecedented $700 billion bank bailout and $787 billion fiscal stimulus package was used for bolstering the shattering and severing American economy during the period of a year since December 2007 till June 2009.

In addition to all these unstoppable events unfolding there has been another huge issue of security and human right which has taken a very nasty backfire turn towards America itself. It has been very tough time for America to withstand her coming election, hobbling economy, ever protracting wars in all over the world against terrorism, and then another big problem of appeasing Israel to not go for war against Iran where Iran has shown being little bit provocative in someway. Apart from all these, America’s homegrown badger elements challenging her security system has been a major issue these days – most notably war against drug cartel from US to the bordering neighbor Mexico. I don’t know whether America is being too much liberal for its own people,  and too much aggressive in protecting human right all over the world.

As I was browsing through the New York Times magazine online, I found one sections having articles from the columnist from all walks of life – specifically from major religions in America. Everybody has the same issue: “We are not exercising our right to our fullest”!!

Is this the good sign for the American dreams and for the American and America itself?


2 thoughts on “Liberty Under Threat

  1. I agree with the post only towards the closing paragraphs. Europe rather than America according to me has been the place where “it all began”! However, you have raised an important issue!

  2. Thank you for your reply. I am happy that you read my blogs. Have a great time ahead. I have read your short story of “Three Love Stories”, that was really awesome. Keep writing.

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