The Year 2011: Goodbye!

Today morning when I woke up and as always soon after logging into my Facebook account, the first thing that I noticed was how much people were enthusiastic about the new year and their respective new-year-resolutions – everybody had and have one as obviously. Even my Facebook-wall has been filled to its brim with the wishes of new year; felt like everybody is so cheerful and full of life taking aside their feelings of animosity. Just like at the end of the day, at the end of the year it feels like we do care even though we might have said, “I don’t care!” What a great day it had been!!

For sure, just like as always, the year 2011 had been filled with challenges along side other opportunities, however, there had been some imbalance in weighting in our individual circumstances. There had been some tough times while on the other hand enjoying some blissful unforgettable moments of our life. We saw some historical commencements of the events time and again. Collectively, it has been a a great year of our life time. Since it has garnered lots of historical moments of our life time which is very rare to see in just a year of time, it can be called one of the historical years of our life.

With the beginning of every new year, we all hope and wish that the the coming year will be one of the best time of our life and we wish that everything will go swimmingly, and so was this year. Despite of some security threats this time in Bangkok the celebration seemed unaffected with the presence of thousands of people and pouring more and more as the time approached to 12 o’clock mid-night. I could see people joining in the commencement of the mega-event as a couple, in family and in group of friends. Sadly enough, though Bangkok doesn’t comes under one of the best fire works display around the world, it was huge and magnificent for me and might had been for most there.

We have been bestowed a 4-days leave for this year’s celebration this time as always and I had been thinking and planning very meticulously of my four-days-leave and thinking of spending it very wisely and making good use of it. It had been just like once-in-a-blue-moon for me when I had to work from early in the morning till evening in lab because of my uncanny results beleaguering me time and again pushing me towards losing my temper and my perseverance. However, by the end of the day I felt like I do really made a good use of it.

Apart from all those stymies we have been facing everyday in the year 2011, for me, the year had been somewhat okay, if not that macabre nor do so magnificent. But, I think the days ahead will be inviting some moments from the year 2011 and the challenges will still be there at least for the time being. And the forthcoming fighting days are still challenging. Lets see how it comes and goes. Wish you guys will have a wonderful days ahead with flying colors.

Wishing you a very very happy new year 2012, and may god help us all to bear the forthcoming challenging ahead and may we all be blessed with our desires coming true this time if not all.


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