An Attitude of Me and I

“Treat yourself right – your energy is almost entirely focused inward, and you may want to try treating yourself to a little life of some kind. It’s a great day for a walkabout, if you can!” – so this is about me and my day today. This is what my horoscope is talking about me insinuating me to guide my day according to it. I found it soon as I was flipping through the pages of our national daily, “The Kathmandu Post”. This is what I use to do every morning till some few years back, but the days now are not still the same. Time changed and so do I – so, finally, I have stopped looking through my horoscope every morning. Now, this has been changed to “FACEBOOKING” – and  I have been habituated to it now.

If you think a little bit meticulously, you will find that we have now become more habituated to an attitude of “Me and I” kind of things more than just a Facebooking, and Facebook has provided us its platform to cultivate it. Over time we have become like egotistical and we have been developing it with leaps and bounds. In this context, it might be somehow situation-generated while some are natural – in anyway, we have finally been trapped within its seine . Even a person rebuffing the claim has in them somewhere.

Every morning we get up, the first thing we notice is ourself, and the first thing that rushes through our mind is, “How is our day gonna be today?” and then followed by the number of work loads that we have to accomplish and even that without having any kind of problems whatsoever. Because we have been consumed by ourself-attitude we try to find and run after horoscopes every morning which might not be true for everyone of us, but, yes, certainly for many of us – those who believe in astrology and mostly consumed by the thoughts governing orthodox.

Every time advertently or inadvertently we have been thinking of ourself, but this is justifiable being a human. Just try not inviting a tone of “Me and I – attitude” in your talk, you will be amazed to know that 3 out of 5-times we are talking about ourself with the same tone, gesture and posture that turns out really unnerving. This is just a form of human nature which might work best in the time of crisis and thus the kind of eternal law of Charles Darwin would hold to be true.

I think its just a situation that has made us self-centric, so I thinking blaming ourself might not be completely fair, but not working on it to mitigate might not certainly be inculpable. I have ever heard somebody saying that, “No body owes me anything that they will hail me or praise me vociferously, I have to do it by myself”. I think its funny and I have not idea how much it holds to be true.

One of the things that creates animosity among our friends and our connections is the way we speak. There is another saying that there are two thing that can’t be reverted back once it is released: one is the bullet fired from a gun and another one our own words that pops out. And these two things are really really very lethal. In fact, both hurts others but we are the culpable and we will be the sole loser and not the one to whom it is fired to.

So, thinking of not using the term I, me and myself might be a most prudent choice if we want to be gregarious. Using those words most frequently just simply makes people offended and will might not work to elevate our dignity, people’s look and reverence towards us. So, think about it before you make choices of making use of those filthy words most frequently in your words – in your speeches!!


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