Sadist: A Voice of Animal

I am now confused when I hear somebody saying that they are kind to animals and they are the voices of animals, and boast to speak in favor of animals. Now, I am enjoined to ask to myself whether we are really kind to animals and whether or not we are the voice of animals which unfortunately I doubt. Can we say that we have been able to reach the millennium development goal (MDG) in terms of animal right? I doubt, again. Have we been able to say that we are more conscious than ever before when it comes to abusing animals?  I doubt !! There are numbers of fair and transparent examples which is still elusive as ever before. In straight forward tone – We have not yet achieved even 1% in making people aware regarding the animal rights and making them accountable for their abuses towards their pet or some other street animals.

From bench of lab to the food table, there has never been a single day where we don’t find an animal being sacrificed for the so called, “for the benefit of mankind”: we have our delicious food of chickens, fish, pork, beef, goat, lamb, mice, cat, dog, snake, frog, and god knows what else – everyday. We have not left anything that we have not laid of mouth to. We have savored everything either one way or another. The reason we put forward to justify this heinous crime  is that, “It is for the benefit of mankind – for us, for our goodness, for our health. At least we need to feed these unfathomable ever growing billions of population around the world, right?

This is not a scenario of one part of the world, but this has been a part of every part of the world. The problem for not yet implementing and taking a strong law and action against the animal right is because none feel the agony of losing one like we lose our loved one. We miss them immensely, but in case of animal its other way round and we all know this fact. It has a kind of secondary impact which is less picking then losing the loved ones or something that we are attached to. However, there is always a form of exception in every case. So, we are not talking about the exceptional cases, but the one that is felt but not yet dealt by the world as a whole.

I had ever mentioned about the cruelty against animals in China in one of my previous blog,  but I think its easy to point finger to others than to looking ourselves in the mirror. I have just come across a news in our national daily newspaper: The Kathmandu Post. It is not in fact a news, but a personal experience of the local from Chitwan district of Nepal who have seen the cruelty towards Elephant in Nepal during the International Elephant Polo and the race competition being held there annually. Different countries from all over the world participate in the context and the program is conducted with elephants where elephants are forced to drink alcohol, and then are set for competition where elephants have to please their mahout by winning the context. Those elephants are whipped, goaded and prepared for the competition two shits a day before the commencement of the international competition. Sometimes these international competition costs the life of those poor creatures, but everyone turns deaf ear to those horrific incidence – their only prime aim is to win the competition at any cost as they are rewarded with bounty of money, of course.

Either one way or another animals are put to these kind of tribulations advertently or inadvertently. But, either way, those are the animals which have to bear the brunt of human sadism and sadistic behavior. We hope that this situation will not persists any more longer, but even this scents of hopes are still elusive as well.


2 thoughts on “Sadist: A Voice of Animal

  1. It’s such a shame to witness cruelty to such a beautiful animal as an elephant. I’m shocked to hear of such incidents. Well written and thank you for sharing. Pam

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