A Christmas Message

Before I begin my verboseness talk right here, I would like to wish you all a very very Happy Merry Christmas. Hope you guys are doing well in your life with your work, study and everything that you are into – not to mention everything.

For the Asia Pacific region, yesterday was Christmas day, but for those who are staying and living in the western part of the world, it is today. Not to mention, its because of the approximately 10 to 12 hours of time difference. I don’t know how you guys celebrate in the western part – might be something in more vibrant way than it is being celebrated in the countries having majority of population with other religion than the Christianity. However, it is being celebrated in almost all countries all over the world – even in the countries which are not a secular states like Nepal and India – just to mention few for example.

Its been quite a while I have not blogged something in the regular fashion as I have been doing in last couple of months. Sometimes it use to be like 2 blogs-a-day. But, ironically, being busy during the Christmas time, I have been unable to update it. So, I thought of putting something during the Christmas day or the day-after-Christmas. So, finally, somehow  fortunately I got little to insert in the big space of this big-blog-space this time.

When I post some blogs, mostly my blogs have some Thailand-touch specially Bangkok. In fact, this is what happens when you stay in some place – you have got little knowledge about that place, but everything else is just blank except with few news from the websites. I have been getting complains from my friend that I am not writing anything about Nepal from where I belong. But, I guess this can be understandable. You can’t simply copy-and-past information from some news sites, and it doesn’t sound any good to mention the news from my family or something – this will just simply be quirky, irking and creepy.

So, for Bangkok specially, I think there might have been some fun because I ended up celebrating my Christmas this time in my advisor’s house with my friends and technicians from our lab. In Bangkok, I guess this didn’t go much better-and-bigger this time because of the bomb threat in some places inside Bangkok – to specify more precisely, it is something like 10 places – largely parts of the city that is usually crowded with the tourists. And according to the governmental Intel source, this threat remains till this new year 2012. But, I hope everything will be fine and the new year celebration will not be marred with the security issues because the government has already beefed up the security system inside the city and elsewhere. And, also because the city dwellers have not yet sensed anything suspicious and haven’t heard anything saddening regarding threat. So, hope New Year will be even more bigger than this.

This time the Christmas and New Year in Thailand has been welcomed by a little bit of cool climate. I say cool in a sense that in most part of Thailand as you know, you need at least a fan to cool yourself in the sultry weather and without a fan or AC it will be like a hell to stay. But, for now, we do not need fan during the day time and the nights have been little bit more chiller, so you might need to use a light blanket to warm yourself. Usually this pleasant weather lasts for few days to maximum a week every year, but this time its been like more than 10 days or so. So, I guess, this might bring a better experience to the tourists and the locals who will be celebrating New Year inside Thailand.

One last information, if you are a tourist, do not forget to attend the New Year countdown in front of Central World in the downtown Bangkok. 


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