Perception of Social Media

Social medias have taken a huge swing in recent times. Everybody is talking about the social media – some are wise-geeks, while some are buffoons, but whoever they are, the most surprising thing is that everybody has got more or less knowledge about the social media.

Today’s generation is so frantic about the social media that they keep on hanging 24/7, specially the people in the developed countries and the countries which are on the final stage of getting into the list of developed countries – thanks to the uninterrupted power supply and the cheaper gadgets in the time of competition which is pushing the trend to make it happen and give it a successful tag. The number of people using social media to get connected is not as surprising as the way it has taken the toll of our generation.

Within these last couple of years it has risen so unprecedentedly that it has become quite hard for the older generation to catch up with it. They feel like its something out-of-the-world for most of them and they are struggling to match their steps of the current generation’s pace of development.

It is quite incomprehensible to know why it has gain so much name and fame in such a small period of time. One possible reason can be that, it has got something stored in for almost all generation, though it is difficult for the peoples from different generation to comprehend it at the pace it is developing or changing. It means, people from different walks of life have different tastes – some are technology freaks who are always in search for something new, something different, while others are like, they just need something that will suffice their work load for a period of time after which they will never care to look back and see what it really was when they need it. In straight forward tone  — they never had that kind of taste a person usually have that have made this social networking rise with leaps and bounds.

There has always been some kind of perception for things to be comprehended by the people which varies within a population and in between the people of same generation also. But, we can’ t blame a person for having a sense and a taste different than somebody else, because its just a human nature and we have been made so to maintain the balance of earthly nature.

Some people take social networking as something to kill time, to pass time, some take it as enjoyment, some as a hub for the intellect where all their friends are intellect and often have real-time discussion on things that is relevant for their work or something. Some take it as a platform for the educational purpose where they can share what they feel about and then get feedback from their friends, colleagues, and their peers.

Whatever it is we have been blessed to enjoy all these new technologies first hand. Thanks to all engineers who are working hard day and night for making this happen to give us their best. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading.


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