Is Everybody Flaunting Blatantly?

Even when I am writing – it is flaunting in someway, but not sure whether it is blatantly, purposely, in deliberately in calculated manner – but, yes, again, this is flaunting in someway. If you do not flaunt about your views, your ideas or your dogmas, then I guess it is better to stop using your blog, if not your official website which might somehow be more formal and might hold more responsibilities. Now, when we talk about our writing-responsibilities, it also do have some form of structure we have to follow and some set of rules we have to come across through. But, it should not be a blatant. I mean, every internet writing, news, articles, editorials, blog posts is fettered with set of rules and law as stated above. But, when we use our mouth and lips it doesn’t have any boundaries – so you can flaunt anything, everything, every time and anywhere unless somebody listening to you do not know your very closely and deeply – like, about your potential and what you are capable of.

These days everyone of us have something to share, something to say and something to preach. I mean, its like we are growing in an intellectual environment where intellect is virtual to some extent. Ironically, it might be real in most cases and might not be as virtual as we are thinking. One plausible reason in a sense might be because we have got access to internet these days and the information of any sort are just within the reach of our finger-tips. Everybody is getting abreast with the latest news, information and discoveries these days as the world’s data shows that number of people using internet has surpassed 2 billion in 2011, and it also shows that Asia having the highest number of internet user – i.e. 44%, which is really something to flaunt for us as an Asian.

We just have to instigate the talking and you will see how many more will then follow you, will join you in your conversation. I still remember when I use to stay with my friends in dorm, we use to chat till late night with lights turned off – sometimes even till 3 AM in the morning. The reason is everyone had something to say and we were were supposed to pay by listening to each other; doesn’t matter how futile the talk would be and how gibberish a person delivering the talk was.

When people talk, you will feel like, you are the only simpleton there and the person talking is the, “Mr. Know All”. Even s/he feels the same when they are talking. Later when you rummage deep into his understanding, you will find that,” Wow! s/he is a real genius”, “At least I was made to believe falsely about his intellect and what s/he really knows”. Even I am also victimized to this situation plenty of time but overtime I got to garner my sense and lost-strength and slowing I start believing the real scenario – this world is not the same as it seems from outside. Sometimes I feel like I should start believing better that there is an alien world somewhere else the inhabitants of which might be more intelligent than what we are flaunting our self about and they might be laughing somewhere light-years always.

I doubt sometime myself whether I am a bigger simpleton than the one who is doing the talking because they never realize that we are thinking somewhere inside our mind that, “Okay, I know you and what you want to flaunt – keep going, I will not disturb you and make yourself light believing that we are buying your talk”.

Listening is the best practice unless it gets to your nerves!! So, keep listening!!




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