My First Experience with Internet

What does blog stand for?

This is a kind of mind-bogging question that has inflicted some kind of agony in people’s mind, and its because its very difficult to answer it precisely – What does it really stands for? Even when I first started using internet, people use to talk about a kind of free sites from where we can earn money. Later I realized that it is the blog where we can create our blog and then start posting thing with AdSense already activated. I use to use internet in cyber café and it really use to be painfully expensive in those days. This is a story of few years back – to be more precise – its my story, my person story of an encounter with internet and these blog things.

For now, for me, I feel like, I am a story teller in some third-world-country village sitting in the bonfire and charming small kids around the bonfire in the chilling winter evening with billowing smoke all over making hazy cloud all over the sky that might have raised from the clay ovens in the villages. (If you imagine this, you will find it really peaceful, out of clamors of metropolitan cities, far from the blaring horns of vehicles and the gasoline smokes and dusts all over.) This is the true pristine clime of the third-world-country, and my village is one of them. And, I am proud to flaunt that I come from that village!!)

So, coming back to my story and me (goddamn snake charmer) – charming kids all around me in front of bonfire.

So, when I first started using internet I had no idea even where to put even the address and from where to proceed to make good use of it – I was like complete cypher in that case, but later came out to be the one, even when, now, these days people come to ask me to fix their computer – literally!! I still remember the days when I use to ask my friends to teach me how to use internet, but to my dismay they use to teach me just for five minutes, and instead they use to use it for an hour or so in the cyber café enjoying in my money. Then finally, one day I decided, not to ask for any AH’s help (I have made the short form of the word which I think you might have by now guessed what for hazing obscenity).

I started using internet and I was so attached to it that I could not stop myself than getting my hands on internet and doing whatever I like. I remember once I somehow changed the wallpaper of the desktop in the cyber and I was like kind of WOW!! I use to be so proud of myself of those petty things that made me escalate to the higher degree of using computer and internet and even more than that – though it doesn’t make sense now. Because these days even small primary school kids can use it more dexterously that us. The first page that I saw in my life in the internet was Yahoo home page. Then, when I was in my undergraduate I got the highest mark in the first internal exam of bioinformatics – it was 48 out of 50 marks. Again it was a kind of wow for me, as it was something unexpected. However, in the other internal exams other students overtook me later. This is my short experience story of 10-years ago. This was because  of my attachment with the technology things and more specifically internet and computer. Even till today, I can live without water for a day – but imaging my life without internet for a day is like crossing the entire Kalahari desert without a sip of potable water.

This is just one story and can’t be taken as a golden-rule-of-thumb. But, there are other instances also when we realize that learning through our personal experience is the best learning methodology and pedagogy to ourselves than anything else. Even till these days there are very few people who believe in learning through their experience, though they flaunt in their webpages and their social-networking-sites like Facebook  and Twitter that, “Learning through experience is the best experience”.


One thought on “My First Experience with Internet

  1. my first is using chat board. And found it was very boring to wait. real people is the best. But after I found many interesting bog of beautiful pictures, dollfy, comics etc. internet is my heaven!Since then, I become a dowloader. ha ha ha. Back to that time I have only floppy A!

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