Subduing Challenges in Our Way

Life is adored with number of beautiful intricacies of challenges. But the cherishing this is that we all have been dealing with it, solving it finding our own way and then moving on with some new challenges. We all know that our life is full of challenges and we all know this fact and this has now become a kind of dictum – “Life is full of challenges”, and “Life is not always a bed or roses”. This is easy to say and easy to preach, but it becomes a tough hard mountain of rock when it falls on our way. Most of us simply get blank for a while and feel like slipping into the darkness which doesn’t have a lightning end on the other side.

I have just finished watching a speech by one  of the most renowned actor of Indian movie (Kamal Hasan) in IIT, Mumbai, India. Not to get confused with the name of the institute, this is called Indian Institute of Technology. And, this is the first time I ever heard and come to know that he is also a high school dropout. The first thing that makes me confuse and have become a kind of maze that I have been trying to disentangle is how come all these people who are school, college dropouts comes out to shine like this. It has always intrigued me.  When you count, you will find that there are number of people and great personalities who are school and college dropouts have achieved something that is a kind of dream for most of us or even sounds fairly and virtually impossible to achieve. Now, believe me, this is not a fate that has determined our destination, there is hardly anything like luck – its all the byproduct of our input and our contribution in what we are doing. If it is bad, its just because we have done something wrong and if it is good, its just because we have paid our 100% heed and our devotion and we have become faithful to our responsibilities which have been bestowed upon us.

Just to name few of them, these are the world’s most famous college dropouts: Steven Spielberg, Harry Truman, Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, John Glenn. Apart from these, there are still numbers which is very difficult and incongruous to include all from all over the world. Some are in media, some are in movies, some are in education, some are in research – which sounds really uncanny in someway. It is very hard to believe a guy dropping out of a college and becoming a world-renowned business man and a programmer, for example: Mark Zuckerber in our generation – a founder of Facebook social networking site which is billion dollar worth now. You might be thinking or might already have the question like, “How can somebody strive to achieve something without having a proper and incomplete education?”. But the more irking is that, IT IS POSSIBLE AND number of standing proofs are in front of our eyes and still they are alive and kicking in their respective filed.

These great personalities have achieved this degree of fame and fortunes all because of themselves – they have did it their own way, they have fought many battles of obstruction in their way – but have finally been able to come out of their nerve-racking situation in their own way. They did it their way!!

The essence of writing this post is to recall all those struggles of our life that we have and are still encountering everyday in our life and this is a never ending process. It is filled with humor, fun, love, but life is not always a bed of roses. This is also filled with the number of Jigsaw which is difficult to disentangle, it is difficult to sway it off, it is difficult to buzz off, it is difficult to solve it. Sometime  it is also irking to experience that even after our too much devotion, our labor and our perseverance, we do not simply achieve our goals and sometimes even reach to its vicinity. Call it a kind of puzzle or something, this is that fact, and we all know this.

The first thing to notice and bolstering our esteem is that, if these school and college drop out guys can do it, if they can make it, if they can achieve so much name, fame and fortune even without having a proper education, why can’t we – at least we have a kind of proper education and we are going along with it as well. The only thing that is necessary to assimilate in our understanding and our ideology is that, its not the education that will make a human perfect, it is not the education that will be a turning point in our life – this is just a bolstering fact – something that gives us a confidence that, “Okay, I can do it too!”. Putting our understanding into action is the only thing that will be determining factor in our life and what we will achieve, and obviously, it is not the education. No matter how much we learn, it is futile if we can’t assimilate literally, if we can’t put into action, if we can’t implement it, if we can’t analyze it, and if we are not able to make a niche for the next stepping stone in our life.

So, do it in your own way!! Wishing you all a great bright future embellished with wonderful colors ahead!! Good luck!!


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