Foreign Education–What Does It Really Hold for Us?

In regard to the rising brain-drain-rate in the developing countries including my own country – Nepal, this has been a very huge hot topic-of-debate these days. And, this has taken a huge swing in the recent times after insurgency took a very nasty turn overthrowing the monarchy system of Nepal and declaring it as a Democratic Republic of Nepal and one of the secular states of world. Earlier to this date, there has been just two countries in the world (if I am not wrong) which used to be considered as a country of Hinduism – one was India (though it has already been officially declared as a secular state long before), and another Nepal and have been considered as one of the most revered states in the world because of the rich tradition, culture and Hinduism ideology. And, for that one of the reasons, people of the world have been practicing a kind of exercise in Hindu culture popularly known as YOGA. I do not want to get you marred in this long text of explaining what Hinduism and what this Yoga is (also because I do not want to preach about the ideology), but I just want to make few points clear before you will continue reading this paper in confusion and bewilderment. Yoga have a very long lasting history of being practiced in Hinduism and it has been being used by the saints, which is now one of the world’s most famous form of exercise which helps us maintain our mental imbecility and composure. 

Now, coming to the point of discussion, Nepal brain-drain rate has elevated unprecedentedly in recent years. Not stated clearly about the exact data one the rate of brain-drain of Nepal, but Nepal has been mentioned as one of those 50 different small states of the world having the huge brain-drain rate – this has been mentioned in the survey-research being conducted in 2008 by Maurice Schiff and Yanling Wang called “Brain Drain and Productivity Growth: Are Small States Different?”.

There are numbers of reasons that makes it quite reasonable and logical behind this brain-drain rate. One prime reason behind this might be the unstable government of Nepal which has failed number of times in implementing the strict rules in the government run and controlled states universities, and keeping them out of politics. This incompetency of governance has made the universities difficult to deliver their timely work and helping students to finish their course in timely manner. Because of the few rotten apples of the university academic infrastructure, it has been fairly difficult for the good students from poor family to finish their education in timely manner leading to their accumulating financial debt in their family. Secondly, because of the partiality and partisanship behind appointment in the jobs for the same post. There has been a huge discrimination when it comes to offering job to the holders of same level of degree – one from the home university while another from abroad or foreign university and it has been engrossed as form of culture rather than being rational in terms of providing the job to the fittest one. And, of course, since the US universities are in the top list of world’s best universities ranking, students have been trending towards the US universities, putting US destination as the foremost choice for all students graduating all levels of college after their intermediate and in some case even after the high school.

In a way this is a kind of good move for a country to develop. This situation was same for the South Korea after World War II. But, the only irking and deeply saddening thing is that we are little bit different than the South Koreans – they came back after finishing their education, but in our case, we try to spend as much time in foreign land as possible. So, in everyway, we have been helping them develop their nation in whatever way we can and spending our energy and our earned education in their land for their development. And the determining factor is just the one thing – money. If dollar would have been our currency and if would have been the world’s reserve money; “who do you think would have been traveling all the way across the continents and seas to the another corner of the world?”

Its not just the case with Nepal, but this is same for almost all developing countries. They put their everything on stake to get this golden-egg-laying-chicken – i.e. foreign degree. Doesn’t matter what you study and where you study, if the degree appears to be from somewhere out from country, you will definitely be able to secure your position or else you will have to find a job or the person facilitating that work of finding and placing you in the job if you will be able to oil his hands with more money, and that person would most probably in most cases are the politicians – a politicians those who are good for nothing and just a pimp.

Another important thing that needs to be told and that needs to be assimilated by our fellow Nepalese brothers and sisters is that we have till now failed to deliver the way we were once supposed to be. For me, foreign degree is not just for the titular purpose and a gateway for entering a nice perfect job that can help us garner lots of money (that’s what I believe a nice job means), but we must be able to deliver good mannerism and the good practices we have learnt and will learning in the days to come. It should not be that like, we follow it today in the foreign land with a fear that we will be punished for our insincerity and then after returning back to Nepal, we start repeating the same mistakes of our life. In short, the mentality has to be changed, otherwise, there is no difference between we learning in the foreign land and the one who have finished from the home university. And, in no way we deserve a position in a job in comparative manner than our contenders.

I am sure this writing will not be a game-changer because it is easy to wake the one who is sleeping but it is IMPOSSIBLE to wake the one who pretending to be sleeping!!


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