What Do You Want to Become?

“What do you want to become?” this is the first question ever a child is being asked by their parents and their guardians even before they learn to speak, walk and understand properly. I don’t know whether this is the same kind of culture in the western world  as well (Where I have never been before and not even yet in my life) or whether it is just rooted in our courtyards.

I don’t know whether we all have experienced the same bewildering impasse in life – a quagmire that was easy to pass and easy to sway away with some peculiar and kinky and nettling answer, like: “I want to become a doctor, I want to become an Engineer”, I want to become a lawyer or litigator, I want to become a businessman, I want to become a pilot or something”………..this and that and/or list of things and so on. This might probably had been easy for most of us as we were not determined to become or we were not that mature enough to even think or mull about it thinking what will be its consequences – in fact, kids were dictated and were trained to do so when somebody ask – specially when their elders would asks. Kids were and are told that if somebody will ask you, you should say any of those above options — some kind of so-called-divine or so-th0ught-divine profession through our understanding.  And, the parents face appears elated in vain when their kids are successful in popping those words from their jabbering wording and pronunciation. Fortunately or unfortunately, and oddly enough that never happened to me.

Kids when they are born, they are just like a raw clay of a potter where kids are molded from the very beginning till they get a perfect shape, and considered as if they will never get remolded or deformed after that even if they are left in isolation or on their own, and in this case our parents and our guardians are our potters. And the craftiness of a potter (our parents and guardians) is commended when we then as a kid and now grown up gets a perfect shape. And, in someway, this has become a contending factors among the guardians – something to vie for. However, the only one who is to preempt the first position who can biologically father their kids and nurture them with the same adroitness without missing any form of intricacies than can form a perfect composite.

I have been fighting with my baffling ideas and have been going on with this since my childhood. My first phage of my life passed understanding what this is all about and why do every parents wants to train their kids mentally and physically with the ideas something like that which apparently sounds weird and insensible. This is the trend that has deep engraved even in the most educated couples as well. Either it might just be a kind of trend that they have to be in even knowingly or else they will have to face some kind of criticism like, “See, their kids even now doesn’t know their ambition – they are completely blank, and how is their parents?”, “They don’t teach their child to have an ambition to target in life?” “Why do they want to keep their kids in the darkness?”

Till now, I have not been able to exactly make sure and find the perfect answer to this particular question, but what I have been able to find is that those parents are praiseworthy who do not push their child in the darkness by training them what to pop when they are asked about their ambition in their life. They are more wiser then rest to make their child understand first, what those questions really mean and what value do they hold in near future. I have seen that those kids who wanted to become a doctor, engineer, pilot, businessman, professor started changing their form, starting becoming formless and then finally a chameleon who doesn’t have their own true color, and their life afterwards continues to be the one. But, this doesn’t mean that those who become a doctor or engineer or so-called-those divine professionals were either trained or well brought up without any sort of confusion in their life about choosing their profession. But, this is something that starts to digress from our trained-word of profession to something more meaningful and substantial that will truly hold some of our words in near future. And the whole mindboggling training slowly starts erasing as they write their destination through their performance in their real life.

The mindset of people have not changed completely in the developing world and most importantly in the Asian regions. However, some signs of change have now started to be unfurling as a insignia and kind of forebode of the future generation. And one important sign is that now whatever and wherever you learn, if you really want to become a successful in your life, you will have to follow the path of research work where your profession might play a role of backdrop of movie and might not be your life-saving determining factor as strongly it use to believe sometime ago.

Wish you all the best for your carriers ahead and your final determining question, “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BECOME?”


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