A State of Confusion

After following news and the way news have been filled with military and war information these days, it seems as if the world is becoming more and more chaotic. It seems as if the countries are taking shapes of disorientation and thus following some weird path in someway in belligerent nature either advertently or other way round. Its sad and at the same time it’s a kind of titillating news that will raise and pump your adrenalin to its highest level sometimes.  It might be true in some sense or it might be just a hoax of the media to over estimate the issue which might make matter appear more worse than what it appears in real scenario when we try to rummage deep into it. Whatever it is, the fact is – it’s a real feel of state of confusion and disorientation world is talking its shape.

Yesterday (December 7, 1941) – 70-years ago was the day when America’s reluctant former enemy took a nasty turn and brought down Pearl Harbor into the heap of ashes. It was the day that changed the world we view it today and can be considered as a historical debacle of 20th. century. And, now, this day, US is celebrating or say commemorating it as a remembrance and as a homage to those who lost their life that day. This was the day when US was dragged into war even unwittingly. But whatever the reason was, it had certainly made every nation pay for their deeds through their lives, money and whatever they had – finally, it was the general people who had to suffer: thousand women, girls and even kids were victimized of raping, torcher and humiliation. That was the biggest mistake any nation ever made and Japan along with other nations was no doubt one in the list.

Aftermath of World War II, all the nations participating in the war came to a consensus to forge a kind of government that will help govern all the member states, help them in everyway and make them accountable for their actions. Not just that, it was also forged to help the nation and the world in a whole and more particularly to the nation in the member list. It was  view to make the the whole world as a family and the UN will be acting as a father as a head of all those states into it. A kind of constitution was fathered containing thousands of pages including the rules to be followed. It was written and rewritten again, it was discussed, revised and there had been number of amendments being made since then and trying to make it a perfect set of rules to be followed by the so-called-decent states of WW II perpetrators.

Since then lots of country thus followed to become the member states – some joined and ceased their terms and again reinstalled their memberships and the process continues since then and it is still continuing. Since the main objective behind forming this great organization was to end the suffering of the people around the world and to fulfill the mandates of the governments and the UN itself regarding ending poverty, uplifting the people’s life and health, providing proper education to the needy, to stop a nation from bullying other neighboring states or else, providing assistance to the nation in need of crisis and natural disaster and the uncountable list follows. Since then number of millennium development goals (MDGs) had been set – some reached, some is still to be reached. However, the progress since then had been manifested to the world. But as the time had passed, this coherency in the working strategy has been severed with number of factors and the way it use to work seems debilitating over time and taking a turn of disorientation since quite a while.

Not to mention, the war between Israel and Palestine has always been going on and on which doesn’t show any sign of abating anytime soon, however there had been some cease fire and mutual understanding for the shake of people on both side – but the sporadic skirmish and wars have already contributed to the mounting number of innocent lives on both sides and have contributed negatively in their ever lasting enmity relationship. There are just two countries in the world if we compare that are ferocious enemy of each other – one is Israel and Palestine and another one is India and Pakistan that has fought 3 wars since they got independence from the British colonization. Beside this, the poverty of African nations seem never ending process doesn’t matter how much money and food are flooded into those nation. And, there might be number of reasons, and the prime reason can be the hunger for power and the height of corruption which had made barely possible to make the stuffs reach to the general public those who really have been in need and deserves.

The insurmountable goal of alleviating poverty in the African states is just a small examples that shows the incompetency of the UN. Whatever might be the reason, but those who are in need will surely point their fingers towards the organization who vowed to extirpate it. To show more clear picture of the state of confusion and disorientation, here is the list: never ending war of Israel and Palestine, never ending war of Afghanistan, never ending poverty of African nations, and now it got to even more higher level since 2008: there has been sour relationship between India and Pakistan since 26/11 terrorist attack,  a belligerant attack of North Korea on the Cheonan Ship of South Korea on March 26, 2010 and another shelling of South Korean Yeonpyeong Island near the border with North Korea on November 23, 2010 – this was second in the row in 2010. Aftermath of the shelling of its island by North Korea, South Korea started to prepare itself for the next historic war with its neighbor after WW II by carrying out the training-drills of safety in time of war. After shelling South Korea, US sent its USS GEORGE WASHINTON to the Korean gulf for its ever biggest military drill to show that South Korea  is not alone and North Koreas’ bellicose nature will make it pay for its action in near future.

While in the mean time, there has been huge verboseness and wordy-skirmish going on between Iran’s nuclear program which IAEA and UN fears that it might be longing for the nuclear weapon which might be used against Israel in near future. In addition to that, Israel threatened to go after Iran if, Iran will not halt its nuclear program within 3-month of duration which it has been claiming that is for the civilian purpose and not for any sort of military aggressiveness. Whatever the reason might be, it is for sure that the countries seems dividing in this crucial juncture when the recession is also taking its toll and giving a huge blow to the European nations along with US though it has got less impact in the Asian region. The giant countries like RUSSIA and CHINA seems sidelining with the Iran while other nations in UN and Arabian countries threatens to go after nuclear weapons if Iran will not halt its program.

For me, for now, I believe that UN has just become a joke and it seems incompatible and handicapped in the hands of few countable countries and it is being indecisive in its own action. I think, it has to be impartial and fair in taking decision and should not be governed and fettered by any form of power in making its impartial and fair decision on using its power to stopping the countries who are longing for the nuclear weapon. As we all know, it’s a high time to acknowledge the situation and stop it from slipping out of the hands. Any form of military action will just bring maim both physically and morally, and will not do any good to any population. So, in that case, I would praise Obama’s move of nuclear disarmament by 2020, and instead use something alternative to it that might be more precise and less devastating in its nature.

And, I think, round-table mutual talks of negotiation and mutual benefit is the only solution and end to this on going disorientation of time and system. Wish we will be able to see a new morning very soon and not another war – WW III.


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