Technology tickles

I can still recall one earlier post by me about the advancement of the technology in the scientific era and the things following. It is really surprising to know that within this last 5-years of time, technology has developed unprecedentedly and everybody seems intrigued with this one. Technology has not spared anyone on this earth and most specifically the teenagers and the young generation between the age of 15 to 30. They seems more interested in talking about the new technology and getting hands on any form of new technology and gadgets in the market in first hand. In fact, its obviously – who wouldn’t want to have a hands on a smart phone like iPhone 4S and its smart, sexy siren “SIRI” who is one of the best assistance so far being developed when it comes to smart phone? Though there are plenty of smart phones in the market with a huge range of price and is affordable for the people from all walks of life, but the formidable war among the giants companies like SAMSUG, APPLE and NOKIA is still on and it doesn’t seems abatable.

Since 2004 venture of world’s biggest social networking site and that has subdued the other internet social networking sites by a Harvard dropout student (Mark Juckerberg) the technology has taken a toll in the world’s technology and now it seems overwhelming – it appears like a marathon for being the world’s best and smartest company in technology field. But the truth to be revealed – Apple stands on the top of the heads of everyone with its new ventures and its uncountable patents – really commendable and strong research background in technology advancement. And, this is all because of its insurmountable new technological development which always have something new to offer to the voracious technology-freak consumers. The fact is, “From where world stops thinking of new technological ideas, Apples always comes in the first place as a trend-setter with something unforeseeable and unfathomable  ever before”.

I am not preaching about Apple products and honestly, I am not being paid directly or indirectly about it. Its just a kind of infatuation with this technology in the sea of technological gadgets, which is in most way explanatory and to which this world accord to – either directly or indirectly.

I still recall some 4 years back when I was using a SAMSUNG mobile phone set which was offered as a kind of largess by one of my close relatives. That was a black ‘n white phone with the text which was barely smooth, nonetheless was legible. At that time it use to cost a whooping 7000 NRS or over, the price of which is now not over 1000 NRS. But, now the overflowing smart phones in the market which has engrossed and entailed the young generation seems nonentity in someway. Smart phones are something these days which determines and unequivocally explains your nature and your personality – in short, it has become a changeling fashion of 21st. centuries GENERATION X.  This is just a matter of time and the situation determines the value of everything, and if we want to incorporate our life – it also holds the same fact – sometime ago the one who use to be a nonentity now has become smart-ass – can be called a gold-standard-rule of life set by God.

Okay, getting back to our Gadget Guru talk!!

Finally, after months of waiting iPhone 4S is finally approaching Bangkok all the way from far west crossing huge arduous journey of waters. The mobile companies have now formally announced in their websites about its availability starting from December 15th of 2011. This would be a huge gift for the new year 2012 for those who have been waiting holding their breaths and fingers-crossed for months since it launch in October 2011, then that sold more than over 1 million cells within 24-hours. There are few countries in the world where people are so crazy about the technology. Thailand is one of those countries where people experience and experiment the technology in first hand. This can be one of those probable reason why mobile and communication companies are booming here.

Even in this period of recession and battered by flooding and everything, still the hopes are high regarding the sale of iPhone 4S. Now, its time to see how much would this new gadget will be successful in luring the technology geeks of Thailand including the foreigners. Hope even this time Thailand communication market will be able to maintain its reputation in the world’s arena of technology.


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