A State of Mind

After having a huge hiatus in my blog-writing – which was of course of no real intention, and not because of any sort of real important phenomenon – today  I thought in a bizarre time to swipe my pen through my notebook.  Struggling and trying to come up with some kind of concrete idea or some magnificent topic of interest to write, I was left in frenzied and limbo for a while having lost my true sense of mental senility. Of course some times its hard to concentrate on things which is really important and our time and situation is demanding something result-oriented, but we are left in mental imbecility lacking a true sense of light when it is most crucial. This is just a state of our mind which takes time to revive to come back to normal process of electrifying our work. This is one state of mind which causes more debacle than it has to.

As you will move across this blog, you might find that this lacks a sense of coherency and inconsistency, so do not lost your temper if you find something like this. To mitigate this state of mind in the readers, I have firstly tried to put it into the section “RANDOM THOUGHTS”. So, if you notice that, I hope you will have no problem in carrying on with this blog.

Just like a heart never knows how much it has love store in for somebody, exactly in the same way, our mind doesn’t know how much it has knowledge and how much loads it has to bear. Once these two things is revealed, our both heart and mind will stop working – literally. And, if somebody claims that his/hers really knows, that means they are being vainglorious and they are pontificating blatantly. Our mind is so whimsical that we can’t predict precisely what it is about to do or make us do in next few seconds. There are persons like me, for example, who’s mind is so changeling that  they can’t really quantify the exact level of difference between two state of mind: a mind who says to go this way while other is struggling to push you to some other way.  Sometimes this turns out to be so devastating that it is hard to subdue it without having any sort of side-effects whatsoever in our life. The thing is, this happens to every one of us – its just how we are made as a human – all these are just the balancing act . As it is said, “Excess of anything is bad” – that dictum applies here freely and completely – our state of mind and our astuteness to think things in number of ways.

I don’t know how people categorize the different state of mind, but for me, I will categorize it as: anger, sad, irked or vexed, battered, happy, bemused, cogitating, full of gust, gong ho, resentment, zeal and merry.

Our state of mind changing with our existing situation and our environment we are surrounded with. Indecisiveness is another problem that might grapple us when our mind is changing swiftly with time and situation. However, indecisiveness is a kind of vague term which is very difficult to explain. I mean, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to change our decision, but it also incorporates the fact that, even if we are enjoined to think twice or think dual in some point of time – it can be defined as a state of indecisive mind.

Our state of mind and imbecility can be a part of disease, but it is not in itself a disease. For that reason also, I don’t’ find any particular revelation of this sort of activities confined in any research journals. Nonetheless, this has been defined and explained in some paper with some particular disease. 

So, basically, in conclusion it is very difficult to define the true nature of states of our mind even though we know a clear-cut features of different state of mind and the reasons behind it.

P.S Thanks for reading. Have a happy browsing.

|Rajesh Chaudhary


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