Dear prime minister,are you kidding me?

We all were happy to know that an intellectual man – our current dear prime minister (Dr. Babu Ram Bhattrai) is worried about the Nepal’s current brain drain rate, and urged every intellectuals who are pursuing their job, research work and their study in the foreign land to return to Nepal. He put more emphasis on bringing back the beautiful brains back to Nepal, if we all really want to develop and build of stronger pillar of development in Nepal.

In his address to the commencement of Kathmandu University recently held in October 31, 2011, he even assured that there will be more favorable environment for those intellects who think that working in Nepal is and will be vulnerable to work smoothly.  He was confident when he said, that there will be a clement environment for the intellects those who really want to work in Nepal and continue their individual projects of research work, businesses and all.  Since he took his office as a prime minister in Kathmandu, time and again he has been able to send a wave of good-governance messages to all Nepalese – home and abroad, and have been an image of true leader in the face of criticism and political instability. It was and is really commendable !!

After Nepal’s highly vulnerable government which barely stands still for couple of months, he was finally elected a a prime minister of Nepal, which I guess might have given a sigh of relief to most of the Nepalese.  We were awake when we knew that our dear prime minister choose to use a Nepali made un-luxurious vehicle – Mustang (by the way, the name of the Jeep comes from a place in north-central part of Nepal, which has a basic meaning of “Fertile plain land”). And this was most importantly because he was the first to take this trending-step, and no one ever had mark such a great move of promoting home made things whenever they took their responsibilities as a leader of Nepal. In fact, it has always been proved time-and-again that the love for the chair is because of the heavenly-luxury and also, after all, it’s about favoring nepotism in the big positions in governmental offices, institutes and corporations for having a good grip in the government, so that no one will ever dare to point finger at you irrespective of how corrupt and evil you are. I must say, it’s really a great forebode of engulfing the big share of delicious cake — Nepal — coming out of a beautiful mind in wrong way !!

In any country, the political instability invites corruption, murder, extortion, robbery, theft, rape and other countless heinous crimes, and it never takes too long to mare the pristine environment with dark cloud of uncertainty of human life. And this becomes even more worse when the criminals are in the government itself being protected by the government. And, now, I start believing that our dear prime minster has failed to understand and acknowledge the fact that politics is not about being a big-mouth and bringing everything at sixes and sevens, rather than being rational and fair.

The recent hot news that has flared a huge hue-and-cry in home and abroad about lawmaker Balkrishna Dhungel, who faces life term for his involvement in a murder, and it has become a matter of huge debate, for, Nepal government itself has taken this matter into hand and has started to move on with a unlawful decision to request president of Nepal for his amnesty.

Now, I have few questions for you:
“Why do you think that just your words and not your deeds will help the intellects return back to Nepal?”

“How do Nepalese feel safe in their own home when they have a big sword hanging above their head with a thin fragile thread supporting it?”

“Why and how do you believe, you can clean Nepal and its infrastructure of all crimes when you have your own criminal lingering to your bed side?”

Thank you so much.

Kind regards,

Rajesh Chaudhary


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