“Too much heaven; too much water”

After the clock started tickling 11:00 o’clock with ding-dong sound, I noticed that is almost 11 o’ clock at night. I looked through my door and could see nothing than just the world blanketed with dark night all over. It is complete pin-drop silence, and I could hear nothing but sounds of sporadic vehicles still plying on the main road somewhere far, and few sirens of ambulances in the downtown city. Since, I got a good evening-sleep after returning from my college, I don’t really feel like sleepy, so, I thought of moving my fingers allover my computer keys.

“Too much water; too much heaven” – this is the song when it is beaming in the background while I am writing this short piece of blog. Today is nothing so special to write, but just want to give it a kind of continuation-touch. In fact, the whole Thailand is panicked and hundreds and millions are facing the brunt of the worst flood in half a century this time. Till now, I got to know that more than 300 people have lost their lives, their loved ones, their belonging, and everything that they once care about, though the situation inside Bangkok seems quite normal. More than 15 provinces of Thailand was put under the threat reason, but no one ever had expected that the mother nature will slap us in such a harsh way – for punishing us for what we have done to her.

Nobody cared, when the environmentalist kept on shouting to stop producing CFC and other toxic gases including carbon dioxide and limit the use of fossil fuels. It was rebuffed saying, “Those stupid making clamor of nothing”. The campaigns of “SAVE EARTH” was never taken this serious until people started facing the problem of global warming. And, I guess, I do not need to explain what are the consequences of global warming. In fact, is it not feasible and prudent to include all those things in one single post, and secondly it sounds little bit quirky. But, finally, the D-day has arrived, it’s time for us to just wait and watch for the consequences or better prepare our self for the worse situations to come. And, Thailand flood this time is one of them.

Somebody has ever said, “We just need to be alive, and we will see everything”. And, I guess, we are really seeing everything: Australia’s flood, Thailand flood, China’s flood and many more others which I think will be inane of me to mention all those. This is not just about mentioning; its about being solicitous towards our responsibility as a human beings. If there is something that can differentiate a human beings from animal is our nature of thinking and bearing responsibility. And, all those things seems fairly lacking or subduing by human themselves and bringing the chasm of differentiation between human and animal. Not to mention, the cruelty towards animal in Chinese industry is one such example. If I am not wrong and if I have watched something that believe and claimed to be from the Chinese industry making the bags and purses from the fur and skin of the animal, I had seen such an inhumane act of slaughtering animal that whenever I think about it, I simply go numb and dumb – where the animals are killed by hitting with rods and their skins are being ripped off even when they are alive and some animals are alive even after their skins are being ripped off.

rape during the bosnian war

There are uncountable no. of events which takes years to come to mention all those. One such example is the Bosnia war where the women were raped, prisoned, tortured, mutilated and used as a sex-slave and treating them even worse than an animal, and the sad part is that, the UN working in the country to maintain and stabilize the security situation in the country were also involved in it, which later surfaced through a then newly appointed female staff for the mission in Bosnia. If you want to know the more clear picture of it, you should not miss to watch, “Whistle Blower”. This is the one movie, I have been recommending everybody now and then to watch it and learn something from it and recognize and acknowledge where we stand as a human beings.

So, from all these history we can surmise where we really stand as a human and what is our duty and our responsibility. Have we really maintained that gap between being human being and animal, or are we just forcing to erase those gaps and have started our way back to stone age again. It’s the high time to cogitate.

For me there is nothing like a developed nation or developing nation until we keep seeing these events being surfaced now and then.

And, now our earth is no more a heaven and we do not have much water left!!

Think about others; think about Earth, and then boast what you really are!!

Thanks for stopping by and reading.


Rajesh Chaudhary


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